This Simple Trick Will Save You $100,000+

Even if you never become an Exotic Car Hacks member…

Even if you never even buy a high-performance luxury or exotic car in your entire life…

Even if you don’t actually like cars (not sure why you’d be reading this but still)…

The contents of this blog post can save you $100,000+ over the course of your life.

And it will only take 90 seconds to do it.

Let’s go:

The majority of people buying cars today are leasing brand new cars.

Let’s use the 2021 BMW 430i Coupe as an example of an “average” luxury car for sale or lease by a dealer, with an MSRP of $48,045.

A dealer will offer a lease for $2,795 down and $479/mo for 36 mos.

When you return the car to BMW, the total cost of this will be $20,039 out of your pocket, leaving $28,006 of residual value left based on MSRP.

But, a certified-pre-owned 3-year-old BMW with lease miles can sell for at least $33,000 to a retail buyer, leaving another $5,000+ in profit for the dealer.

At a cost of $20K per lease, leasing a car this way every 3 years for 30 years will cost over $200,000.

On the other hand, what if you were to buy the certified 3-year-old BMW (without negotiating at all) for $33,000 and drove it for 3 years putting on the same mileage?

You’d still have the modern car with all the latest tech, and you’d still have a warranty.

When it came time to sell the car and buy the next 3-year-old BMW, you could get in the neighborhood of $23,000.

Meaning your net cost to own by buying used is $10,000 in 3 years.

Buying a preowned car like this every 3 years for 30 years will cost $100,000.

That’s a $100,000 savings in 30 years over leasing, just by buying preowned.

If that’s how much you can save by making that simple change, what if you could:

  • … Lose $0 or even PROFIT from ownership
  • … Using a rotation of high-performance luxury and exotic cars (M4 instead of 430i, convertible Lamborghini instead of Audi, etc)
  • … With resources for service, financing, price guidance, insurance, and more?

That’s what Exotic Car Hacks will teach you.

Check it out if you really want to crush the car game. If not, that’s cool too, at least I saved a few hundred grand for the handful of you who will use this tip.

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