4 Easy Ways to Pack Like a Minimalist

What many packing guides leave out is the fundamental advice to pack with intention. That is, pack based on what you’ll need for the specific trip you’re taking—and ignore those just-in-case items that call to you from your closet but you never end up wearing.  And I get it—it’s easy to throw in a few more pairs of shoes or an extra jacket if you have the suitcase space. But what that does is add to the time you’ll have to spend styling your outfit of the day, when you could be spending that time actually enjoying your day.  Here are four easy steps to take to pack for your next trip like a minimalist.  1. Make a packing list  Before you start tearing your closet apart, sit down and list out what you have planned during your upcoming trip. Fancy dinner with a friend? Morning workout before a conference? Getting clear on your plans and goals will help streamline what you need to bring with you.  Then, make a list of: What you’ll need to wear for planned activities What you’ll need to dress appropriately for the climate What you’ll need to adhere to a dress code or local …

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