Tom Holland’s Fans Have Already Forgotten His Psychological Horror Film

With all the usual haunts and spooks during the Halloween season, sometimes films with a little less of a terrifying fear factor and ones with more of a psychological thrill are great to watch. We don’t tire of the classics like Halloween and Scream or Friday the 13th, but we love watching movies that terrify us on a psychological level as well.

Identity is one of our favorite thriller movies; it’s the kind of film that really makes you think and chills you to the bone. Movies like 1408 and You Should Have Left, too; there are a lot of horror films that leave you feeling terribly uneasy long after you’ve watched them.

Disney+ Adds New Star Wars Series Showcasing The Sounds Of The Universe

Disney+ continues to bolster its library of Star Wars content this time with something not directly related to the universe far far away, but instead its creation. Added to the streaming service today is a seven-part series called Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds and you may already guessed what it’s about.

In this short run, you’ll be able to explore the ambiance found within the Star Wars universe hearing a medley of sounds that can be heard within the films. Each episode has its own theme which dictates what sounds appear from within the Star Wars universe and they all run between 7 to 9 minutes long.

Darth Poppins Is The Lego Character We Never Knew We Needed

Darth Poppins is the latest Lego creation taking the internet by storm from the mind of Reddit user neutralyzer (or @prolificbrick on Instagram).

Garnering nearly 10,000 upvotes in just a day, the post in the Lego subreddit has proved to be a popular one among users. It features Darth Vader riding a light saber-umbrella with the caption “I’m Darth Poppins y’all!” Check out the post for yourself below:

Twisted Metal Reportedly Set For Revival On PS5 With Lucid Games At The Helm

Longtime PlayStation gamers will remember the chaos and destruction that comes with one of the platform’s most iconic vehicular combat titles Twisted Metal and there seems to be good news for fans of the franchise.

According to reports, Twisted Metal has been handed over from PlayStation to Destruction All-Stars developer Lucid Games to start production on a new entry into the franchise for the PS5.

Star Wars Fans Are Debating What Real-Life Weapon Would Make For The Best New Blaster

Star Wars may be a fantasy universe set in a galaxy far far away, but many aspects of the extremely successful film series are inspired by things much closer to home. The aesthetic of the Star Wars universe may appear quite foreign and space-aged, but when you get down to specific items their real-life situation peers through.

Whether it be the clear Samurai influence, the Senate structure, or even Darth Vader’s helmet, connections can be found to times and items throughout history. This is much clearer for the weapons of Star Wars which most of are based on real weapons of the past.