Audi RS7 Buyers Guide

When it comes to the world of sporty sedans on the road, there are a few that reign supreme: BMW M6 GC, the M5, the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG, the Porsche Panamera GTS, and the Cadillac CTS-V. However, there is another that should be on that list but often isn’t: the Audi RS7.

The RS7 was brought to production in 2013 with models rolling out onto dealership floors as a 2014 model year for everyone to enjoy.

Audi had strived for a long while building a range of usable and affordable luxury sedans of all shapes and sizes in the A-Class line, with sportier versions taking over in the S-Class line. However with the birth of the RS line came a beautiful blend of luxury, usability, and sport-based speed and handling.

The Audi RS7 came off the line with a modified version of the 4.0 twin-turbo V8 engine that already was housed in the S7 model, only tweaked to produce 553 horsepower and 516 pounds of torque. It can hit zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds and is limited to a top speed of 155mph. That’s a lot of power from a four-door family sedan.

Its design carries over the majority of the base that the S7 is built on, longer, lower, and sleeker than the A7 for example, but the RS7 contains more of that “exotic car” design with angular headlights, boxier rear, and aggressive side views. Small changes like these help to set the three branches of the large Audi sedan family apart.

If you are considering getting yourself a daily driver, whether it is your one and only, or the newest edition to a packed garage, keep reading to see if the RS7 is right for you.


Driving Experience

Driving the RS7 is quite a lot of fun. It is usable for the everyday trek of work, errands, etc. It is not so dramatic looking on the outside where people will swerve into your lane to take a photo of you, but at the same time, it is enough to make someone take a second look when it passes them by on the main street or is sitting pretty in the gym parking lot.

Being the sportier version out of the Audi sedans the RS7 comes with a bit more fluff than its cousins. The RS7 has more spec-friendly options such as matte exterior paints, carbon fiber interior trims, power extending rear spoiler, adaptive air suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, and options of three different designed 21-inch multi-spoke cast wheels. These options all help to give that more sporty feel for the driver and even the passengers when enjoying the RS7.


Audi RS7 Common Problems

It seems that overall Audi has made a reliable machine when it comes to the RS7, with the most common problems regarding the vehicle being related to user error and treating the vehicle poorly by not maintaining it correctly. However, there are currently two recalls present for the Audi RS7 which I have linked HERE. Please ensure before purchasing your RS7 that these recalls have been addressed by a licensed Audi dealership.


Audi RS7 Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

Audi’s, much like Mercedes or BMW’s are not as expensive as everyone believes they are to maintain. Are they more expensive than your average Kia or Dodge? Yes of course, but they are nowhere near as expensive as the Lamborghini’s or Ferrari’s of the world.

A lot of work on Audi’s can be done at trusted third-party mechanic shops, as their construction is rather simple if the shop is familiar with German cars.

Tires will be on the more expensive side, however, depending upon the brand you choose. For a performance model car such as the RS7 we always recommend Continental’s if you are looking on the less expensive side of the spectrum, Michelin in the middle, and Pirelli if you are looking to go all out. As you aren’t tracking the sedan every other weekend, you shouldn’t have to worry too much on the tire side if you got a PPI done beforehand and know how much tread is left on the tires of your RS7.


Audi RS7 Model Year Changes

2014-2016 The models remained pretty much the same aside from technological upgrades.

2017 The Performance model is introduced to the line-up, offering a more sporty feel to the luxury brand. Smartphone integration coming standard in 2017 and newer models.

2018 Sport exhaust becomes standard on all models of the RS7

2019-2020 The major facelift of the RS7 “Sportback”, sleeker more angular body style, LED taillight upgrade, front bumper/headlight upgrade, new interior designed, higher-end standard technology, up-tick in engine output and performance.


Audi RS7 Options

Though the options on the Audi RS7 aren’t endless like they would be on a Ferrari, there are still important options to note and with said options, the RS7 you inquire about could be better or worse for resale.

Matte or Nardo Grey paint is always favored, 21-inch wheels are also preferred, upgraded Bang & Olufsen sound system is a plus, as well as carbon fiber interior trim, heads-up display, and the dynamic package.

If you’d like to see a full list of the options as well as the dollar In which they add to the MSRP, check out this link.


Best Audi RS7 To Buy

With the current market, believe it or not, the RS7’s have been rather steady in the market, with no massive dips but rather trending level. For me, the 2015-2016 Prestige models are were it is going to be at in terms of hacking. The color scheme plays a great role in these cars, metallic paint, as well as matte/nardo, all do better for resale versus the basic whites or blacks. Any car with the aforementioned options in our last section will always do better for resale.



The Audi RS7 (first gen) is A LOT of car for the money, and owning one will truly give you a sporty feeling with that highly sought-after daily driver usability. The RS7 is one of those cars where if you can only have one in the garage, you get the best of both worlds in one clean, sleek, and beautiful German ride.

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