Coming Soon: Edited Pieces

edited pieces by jean wang petite style

It feels surreal to finally share with you guys a project that’s been years in the making and a small labor of love! I started this blog over a decade ago as a creative outlet, posting my trials and errors as I learned how to dress my body type. As a fresh college grad working in a male dominated field, building a closet of polished, well fitting pieces was always about so much more than just shopping. Dressing well sparks confidence, brings a little joy to my day, and helps me put my best foot forward for others to take me seriously.

While my style needs and tastes have evolved over these years, I’ve kept a running list of classic pieces I’d love to add to my wardrobe, but have been challenging to find in the right fit or quality. I’ve also kept close track of the types of pieces I get the most frequent reader requests for, but can rarely find.

And so with Edited Pieces, we’re starting small. Making small edits to timeless styles that we’ll want to wear for years to come. Each style is either handmade or produced in limited quantities at small factories, and undergoes countless rounds of sampling and testing. We’ve taken extensive measurements, pain points, and info from YOU guys, from a detailed survey that thousands of you helped fill out 2 years ago, to the wonderful readers around Boston who have been helping fit-testing and share feedback on each piece.

I wanted to keep the EP initials of Extra Petite in the brand name for a couple reasons. One, while everything we make will be petite-friendly, we didn’t want it to feel petite-only. Every body truly is different and comes in different proportions that we hope to be able to cater to as we grow. And secondly, as a nod to this blog, my first passion-project turned career, which has connected me to this incredible community. Thank you for being here along the way and for helping me realize this dream.

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