5 Beauty Tips To Steal From Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is considered as an epitome of style and beauty. Although she comes from a well-known Bollywood family, she proved her mettle as an actress and has done some really good films, and won many awards for her performances. It is an inspiration how successfully she manages both career and home, and two kids. Accept it or not, whenever you look at her, you cannot stop admiring this mesmerizing beauty. This 40-year-old actress loves to post her “no makeup” selfies and we can’t help but admire her flawless and glowing skin. Excited to know about her little secrets that she follows to look pretty and beautiful? So, here are 5 Beauty Tips To Steal From Kareena Kapoor right now!

Beauty tips from Kareena Kapoor

1. She loves homemade face packs just like the rest of us. She loves using a homemade pack of sandalwood, with two drops of vitamin E oil, and a pinch of turmeric. While turmeric has brightening and anti-acne properties, sandalwood soothes inflammation, and vitamin E nourishes the skin.

2. This tip has been passed on to her by her grandmother and that is to apply almond oil to her skin and hair whenever possible. Almond oil makes hair frizz-free, shiny, and it adds a radiant glow to the skin. You can also leave almond oil overnight on the skin.

3. Kareena massages her scalp with a mixture of oils – she makes her own oil by mixing coconut oil+almond oil+olive oil+castor oil.

4. She eats a lot of leafy and crunchy vegetables, either in the form of salads or directly with her meals.

5. She massages raw honey on the face rather than using facial products. She takes a little bit of glazing honey and massages it on the skin as it is anti-bacterial also and helps to make skin soft and smooth.

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