9 Hair Care Tips For Indian Women

Indian women love their hair and needless to mention, they love to keep it long. Generally, women like their tresses long, shiny, and soft, and to help you all with that, here are 9 amazing hair care tips for Indian women.e

Hair Tips Long

1. Always follow up shampooing with a good conditioner because most shampoos leave hair dry and brittle, and without a conditioner, your hair would be at a high risk of splitting and breakage.
2. Almonds are high in vitamin E and it can help hair grow long and healthy. Here’s how you can use almond oil to grow hair long and strong. Here are “10 Amazing Skin and Hair Packs with Almonds” that you can try.
3. Castor oil and brahmi and amla oil are widely used in Indian hair oils. Mustard oil too is widely used for its good hair enhancing characters. So, grab herbal hair oils with these ingredients and oil your hair regularly or at least twice in a week.
4. Biotin is a nutrient that boosts hair growth and helps it grow long and strong, and here’s a list of biotin-rich food that can help your hair too.
5. It’s not just biotin which is great to grow long hair, here’s a list of “Biotin and 10 Other Hair Supplements For Long and Shiny Hair.”
6. Avoid excessive use of blow dryer, straightener, and curling tongs and never ever use such hairstyling tools without a thermal hair protectant to minimize damage to the hair.
7. Coconut oil mixed with hibiscus and curry leaves makes hair real healthy and strong and black. They take care of pre-mature greying as well.
8. Mix amla powder, ritha, shikakai powder together in curd and yogurt and apply it as hair mask, keep it for 20 minutes, and rinse off. Do this once a week.
9. Make your own herbal shampoo and replace it with regular shampoos that can damage and dry out the hair with harsh chemicals in them. Full recipe of a completely herbal shampoo that you can make at home here.

10 Amazing Skin and Hair Packs with Almonds
Biotin and 10 Other Hair Supplements For Long and Shiny Hair

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