11 Best Lip Plumper of 2021 for an Appealing Pout

If fuller lips weren’t in trend right now, I would never even think about these products. Lip plumpers. They are most likely to have some component in it which allows the lip to have more blood circulation as well as it changes the color of the lips and gives it a little swollen feeling and it looks full. But these lip plumpers lasts for hours or so. If you want permanent maybe needles are the answer. But, but don’t like the needles or don’t look forward to botched lips.

Lip plumpers are a temporary method. For a date night, or a cute selfie, or some Instagram story, lip plumpers can change your look or specifically lip look for some hours. But some of the lip plumpers claim to give a long-lasting lip plumping effect if you use the product for a long. But that’s the discussion for another day. Lip plumpers can be a bit sporty side. They can be tangible, spicy, warm, cold, etc. Or that’s what people say the feeling that lip plumpers feel like.

Let us have a look at these best lip plumper at a glance. 

Product Price Key Features 
1. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper Check On Amazon  Best lip plumper
2. NYX Professional Makeup Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish Check On Amazon Best polish lip plumper 
3. Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss Check On Amazon Best glossy lip plumper 
4. GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick Metallic Semi-Matte  Check On Amazon  Best semi-matte lip plumper 
5. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump Lip Shine  Check On Amazon Best shiny lip plumper
6. Neutrogena Healthy Lips Lip Plumping Serum Check On Amazon Best serum lip plumper
7. Dior Lip Maximizer  Check On Amazon Best maximizer lip plumper
8. Clinique Moisture Surge Lip Hydo-Plump Treatment Check On Amazon Best moisture lip plumper
9. Tarte Sting Zing Lip Plumping Serum  Check On Amazon Best lip plumping serum
10. Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath Check On Amazon Best collagen lip plumper
11. Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss Check On Amazon Best For lip gloss plumper

Some of the best lip plumpers in the market are very aggressive if you say. But people who love them, say the more it hurts the more the plumpers work. So that is it. Lip plumpers might hurt a bit but it is like a trial method. Before getting any lip injections, if you wanna see how you might look, if it suits you or not, and if you really want it or not, lip plumpers do the job for you. Gives you a clear idea.  

Complete review of the best lip plumper of 2021

1. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper 

Shade: Original  

Weight:0.14 Oz 


Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Extreme

I’ve seen almost hundreds of YouTube videos and vlogs claiming that this particular lip gloss slash lip plumper does work. This shade is the clear one. Apply a dark or light lip liner to match and apply this lip plumper and get an instant full lip look to slay. The brands describe this product with collagen and hydration. So along with the lip plump, it will allow you to have a hydrated lip as well. The product isn’t too glossy or sticky. You can get other shades as well to corporate them with your best matte liquid lipsticks and mood. 

Some of the features: 

  1. This is on the clear side and comes with a stiff applicator 
  2. Comes with a stiff brush, easy to use 
  3. Tingles, so you know it works 
  4. Has mineral oils in it. This is an emollient and prevents the water molecules to leave the skin, just like a barrier and hydrates the skin 
  5. Jojoba oil. This is also an emollient. Moisturizes lips on a deeper level and is anti-inflammatory. This also reduces the chapped lip skin and makes them supple 
  6. Ethylhexyl palmitate is an emollient and usually works well with mineral oil 
  7. Tribehenin is also an emollient but in a gel form. That’s the lip gloss formula to increase the viscosity of the product  
  8. Palmitoyl is an amino acid. This increases the firmness and tone of the skin. This enhances the look and feel of skin with time  
  9. Tocopheryl acetate is a source of vitamin E that’s also an antioxidant. This makes the product stable and also gives the goodness of vitamin E to the skin 
  10. Has a bit of smell in it 
  11. Has mica extract. This gives the product the actual pearl feel it. This a mineral dye and ensures tint on the gloss. This also masks up the smell of other ingredients. This gives the plumper the gloss effect 
  12. Sorbitol is a moisturizer that conditions the skin and also holds the water on the skin 
  13. Collagen is a protein that ensures skin plumpness and lives a glossy shine 
  14. Doesn’t contain any gluten or SLS 
  15. Benzyl nicotinate in here is the plumper-worker. This stimulates the blood flow and reduces the thickness of the lip skin 
  16. No PEG or aluminum part 

Not so cool features: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Has paraben and petroleum ingredients in it. Paraben can be a cheap filler 
  3. Has microplastics in it 

With slight tingling, Too faced lip injections are may not be as long-lasting as the lip injections but might just work for slight temporary plumpness. And it has no other hassle to it, just use it like any of your other lip gloss. 

2. NYX Professional Makeup Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish 

Shade: Let’s Glaze 

Weight:0.83 Oz 


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish

Nyx is always an affordable choice and this particular shade is a very tinted lip gloss from lip plumper. The application is extremely easy and the lip plump component is menthol. Menthol is gentle but exfoliates and enhances blood flow on the lips, making it a very relaxing lip plump. But still, you might feel a bit of poking. 

Some of the features: 

  1. The lip plumper is slightly tinted and feels very light 
  2. Doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips 
  3. The clear lip gloss allows a perfect application with any other lip product  
  4. Starting ingredient is mineral oil which is a filler for the gloss as well as an emollient. This forms a film around the lips and protects them like a moisturizer  
  5. Ethylhexyl palmitate is also a common ingredient and is an emollient. Goes well with oils 
  6. Synthetic fluro phlogopite is synthetic mica. This gives a glossy effect and has light reflectance. This is pigmented and can work well with sun protectants 
  7. Contains argan oil. Argan oil is an antioxidant and humectant. This helps to reduce fine lines and irritation also makes the skin supple  
  8. Tin oxide is also an white glossy pigment  
  9. Trihydroxystearin helps to form the gel of the oils. For the lip gloss texture, I guess 
  10. Sodium hyaluronate is a renowned form of hyaluronic acid and the main theme of this product is to hydrate. This makes the skin deeply nourished  
  11. Menthol is coolant. This gives a cold sensation to the lips also has a particular smell to it. It also works as a humectant by decreasing water loss from the epidermis. This has the plumping effect  
  12. Has tocopherol and tocopherol acetate in it. Both are antioxidants and have vitamin E and vitamin E acetate in it respectively. They help to absorb any UV rays and protects the skin 
  13. Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that helps to enhance the longevity of the product  
  14. The konjac root powder is an abrasive as well as a conditioner, leaves a shiny effect  
  15. Has no gluten or paraben in it 
  16. SLS and PEG free 

Not so cool features: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Has fragrance, preservatives, and filler materials in it 
  3. Has petroleum-based compounds  

There are so many of the before after pictures of this particular gloss and to show that it works within just 10 minutes. So at such an affordable price, this product is worth a try. 

3. Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss 

Shade: Dolly 

Weight:0.15 Oz 


Buxom Full On Plumping Lip Polish

This particular lip liner had so many reviews and talks on the internet when it first launched. Almost everyone swears by it that it really works well for their lips. The shade comes in a pink mauve glossy shade and has a slight pink to it. So from clear to pink. Just one coat is enough to get plump and hydrated lips. The gloss has a beautiful finish of its own and can be worn just this only product if you like that slight smudged 80’s look.

The line has almost 54 different shades to choose from. But I chose it because I think this particular tone of pink will flatter every skin type. So prefer something else, choose from their collection with the same outlook on your lips. 

Some of the features: 

  1. Looks like any usual gloss and is non-sticky 
  2. Comes with a stiff and slightly tilted applicator side brush. So easy to apply  
  3. Hydrogenated polyisobutene works as a moisturizer and makes the skin smooth and shiny 
  4. Tridecyl trimellitate is more like a firm emollient. They work great with skin treatment as they are not too runny 
  5. Pentaerythrityl tetra iso-stearate is made for lip glosses. They are emollients but with a high gloss in them with a smooth feel to them. Non-sticky and lasts long  
  6. It has some ceara microcrystalline in it. Candle wax, to give a firmer grip to the gloss 
  7. Octydodecanol is also an emollient with a soft feeling to it 
  8. Silica balances all those oils and emollients in the lip gloss. They help to increase the viscosity and also absorbs any extra oil from the product  
  9. Like the previous brand, this also has palmitoyl oligopeptide in it. This amino acid increases the firmness and fairness of the skin 
  10. Retinyl palmitate is retinol and palmitic acid. This has an anti-aging property like their retinoid family in extend 
  11. Ethylhexyl palmitate is also an emollient and has a rich formula to it. Works well with any mineral oil 
  12. Tocopheryl acetate is again a vitamin and antioxidant. The vitamin protects lips from sun damage 
  13. Tribehenin thickens up the oils on the lip plumpers and makes it easy to apply 
  14. Has BHT in it which helps to increase the longevity of the product  
  15. Has mica extract in it, a pearl-like glossy effect and makes the product shiny, and reduces anti-caking. This basically means the pigments in it won’t form any kind of goop 
  16. Gluten and paraben-free 
  17. No SLS or PEG 

Not so cool feature: 

  1. Has aluminum and petroleum products in it 
  2. Not vegan 
  3. Has preservatives in it like, BHT 

So if you are ready to try something out of the box that might work for you(if nothing else worked) you should definitely give this brand a try. And their gloss collection is too huge to thrive on. 

4. GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick Metallic Semi-Matte 

Shade: Peach Bellini 

Weight:0.14 Oz 


GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick

There is a lipstick kind. The colors are very prominent and pigmented. This particular shade is quite peachy and orange-ish nude. Easy to use and gives a matte finish. Still doesn’t feel dehydrating. This makes the lip plump and supple. 

Some of the features: 

  1. Easy to apply with a tilted brush 
  2. Comes with a beautiful packaging  
  3. Non-sticky formula and dries down like any matte liquid lipstick you use 
  4. Isododecane is an emollient but a non-greasy one. Its very light and has a vast use in makeup products  
  5. Isostearyl iso-stearate is an emollient that’s also lightweight also makes sure that there is even spreading of the pigments in it 
  6. Synthetic beeswax firms the product and helps to give a supple look on the skin 
  7. Tribehenin turns oil to gel 
  8. Octydodecanol is also an emollient making sure that the product is dispersed evenly 
  9. Disteardimonium hectorite is hectorite clay that increases the life of the product as well as stabilizes it 
  10. Synthetic fluro phlogopite and mica both are used. This enhances the pigments and creates a base for the product and also increases the light reflection. Mica enhances the workability of sunscreens 
  11. Ethylhexyl hydroxy stearate is a heavy emollient  
  12. Isostearic acid increases the stability of pigments and entrusts fragrance to it 
  13. Silica makes the product non-sticky by absorbing any extra moisture from the product  
  14. Caffeine is an antioxidant and has a fragrant to it 
  15. Tin oxide helps to improve the texture of the skin 
  16. Niacin is antistatic and enhances the blood circulation of the lips. The lip plumper part 
  17. Gluten and paraben-free 

Not so cool features: 

  1. Has aluminum and petroleum components in it 
  2. Non-vegan 
  3. Has microplastics in it 

A lipstick with plumping qualities in it. What can we ask for more? It can be used with any lip liner with so many of its shades and have a flawless fuller lip look. 

5. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump Lip Shine 

Shade: clear 

Weight:0.33 Oz  


Soap Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL

This more like a lip balm-looking plumper with gloss in it. Soap and glory are famous for their skincare lines like body butter and all. But this particular product is an extraordinary one. They have different shades of lip plump gloss. But this being the clear one makes it more sensitive. Just apply it over the lipstick or during prep, it will work the same. And the application process is very easy. Thus making it a perfect lip plumper. 

 Some of the features: 

  1. Gloss. And packed with pigments 
  2. Comes in silver packaging and very easy to use just out of the nozzle at the end, like any other lip balm you wear 
  3. For liquid emollient, there is synthetic mineral oil, hydrogenated polyisobutene which is also a pigment bearer for the gloss 
  4. Has castor oil in it. This is thicker and shinier than any other emollients and also decreases moisture loss at a huge rate 
  5. Ethylene helps to firm the oil into a gel 
  6. Cetearyl ethyl hexanoate is a non-greasy oil that vaporizes fast-living a smoothing feeling  
  7. Mica is a mineral dye added to enhance pigments and reflection in the product. This also makes the equal distribution of the pigments without making any goop in it. This also controls the odor of other ingredients  
  8. Polyethylene enhances the non-slippery properties of the product  
  9. Dimethyl isosorbide helps the product to penetrate deep into the skin 
  10. Tocopheryl acetate is a source of vitamin E and also an antioxidant. This ensures the long life of the product  
  11. Wax gives a solidness so it is not too runny 
  12. Silica absorbs extra oil and balances the emollients in it 
  13. Propylene glycol is a humectant and solvent and processed to penetrate deep 
  14. This has the smell of limonene(lemongrass, peppermint, etc.) And hexyl cinamal(jasmine) 
  15. Palmitoyl tripeptide in it firms the skin and induces collagen in the skin. This is lip plump component 
  16. Spilanthes camellia flower extract is an antimicrobial  
  17. Titanium dioxide is a colorant and absorbs UV rays 
  18. Vegan and gluten-free 
  19. Has no SLS or PEG 
  20. No paraben 

Not so cool features: 

  1. Has aluminum and petroleum parts in it 
  2. The fragrance might cause allergies 

With all the added benefits this truly is a remarkable product and there are so many reviews confirming that. You just have to give it a little bit of time to work. 

6. Neutrogena Healthy Lips Lip Plumping Serum 

Shade: Clear 

Weight:0.5 Oz 


Neutrogena Healthy Lips Plumping Serum 1

Neutrogena is mainly a skincare brand and lip plumpers might count as a skincare line! This is more like a serum-based product. It’s said to apply at night for long-term lip plump. So nothing too instantaneous about it. It is more like using it every day and finally, you’ll get plumped lips as a result. The roll-on thing on the head makes it very easy to use with 0 wastage. The lip plump method will be collagen for this product. 

Some of the features: 

  1. A serum-based clear product and for regular use can be used as a lip balm 
  2. Roll-on method to apply the serum 
  3. For being a serum enthusiast balm it has glycerine in it that is extremely hydrating and a humectant. Restores moisture and keeps the lip healthy looking  
  4. Ethylhexyl palmitate is a heavy emollient  
  5. Hexanediol is also a humectant that works both as a preservative and has antimicrobial goodness in it 
  6. Jojoba oil is a sort of oil-ester that digs deep and moisturizes  
  7. Glycerine attached to fatty acids results in glyceryl stearate which is as great as glycerine  
  8. Caprylic is also an emollient but on the lighter side 
  9. Panthenol is a pro-vitamin B5. A humectant and moisturizer and holds water molecules on the skin 
  10. Hydroxyethyl acrylate balances pH and is an exfoliant as well 
  11. Cetearyl alcohol is a stabilizer, emollient, and surfactant but they are non-drying and no irritating  
  12. Dipotassium glycyrrhizate has anti-inflammatory properties and also controls sebum production 
  13. Palmitoyl tripeptide is a peptide that is made of amino acids and penetrates deep into the skin which increases collagen production of lip skin and improves skin tone and even heals wrinkles. Plumper part 
  14. Propylene glycol is also a humectant and 
  15. Gluten-free and vegan 
  16. Paraben-free 

Not so cool features: 

  1. Has petroleum products in it 
  2. Contains PEG 
  3. Has preservatives  

To sum up, these kinds of products are meant to have a long-term effect. So, like any other serums you use try this one, it’ll be for lips specifically with deep hydration and collagen boost. 

7. Dior Lip Maximizer 

Shade: 007 Raspberry  

Weight:0.8 Oz 


Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper

The color or shade of this lip gloss-plump is pink. The good ol’ pink. This is very pigmented and being door the boujee brand is the applicator is very precise and smooth. This has a bit of smell and will be tangling as there capsicum extract in it. So you are in for a fight. 

Some of the features: 

  1. A gloss form lip gloss with a thin applicator for precise application  
  2. Suits all skin type 
  3. Paraffinum liquid is mineral oil. And like all oils, this is an inert emollient 
  4. Tridecyl trim-ellitate is an emollient but a lighter one 
  5. Pentaerythrityl tetra iso-stearate is also an emollient but is water-resistant  
  6. Ethylhexyl palmitate an emollient in ester form 
  7. Silica dimethyl salicylate absorbs extra oil from the emollients 
  8. Palmitic acid is an emollient but natural one 
  9. Trihydroxystearin is from castor oil to form a gel 
  10. Butylene glycol is a moisturizer and humectant but this absorbs fast into the skin 
  11. Caprylyl glycol helps to increase the lifespan of the cosmetic and is a humectant and moisturizer  
  12. Sodium hyaluronate is added to preserve and regain moisture in the skin 
  13. Capsicum frutescence fruit extract is added to induce blood circulation. Plumping part 
  14. Tocopherol is vitamin E, C, and antioxidant which absorbs any extra harmful UV rays 
  15. Titanium dioxide is also a sunscreen  
  16. Vegan and gluten-free 
  17. No paraben  

Not so cool features: 

  1. Has aluminum and petroleum parts in it 
  2. Contains preservatives like BHT 

Dior being such an adventurous brand has a beautiful lip plump collection with several shades lined up. If you don’t want pink from any of the other shades. 

8. Clinique Moisture Surge Lip Hydo-Plump Treatment  

Weight: 0.95 Oz with packaging  


The main point of this lip plump-balm is to work with hydration. With hydration comes plumped and fuller lips. There are no such aggressive components in it. So no need to fight. It is more like a gentle touch and hydration. This product is a more stable gel-like one and works in a long-term process.  

Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator

Some of the benefits: 

  1. it looks a bit like any nude lip liner just with extreme hydration  
  2. apply it before putting on lipstick or after that. will work same 
  3. Petrolatum is like Vaseline. So gel form emollient  
  4. Hydrogenated polyisobutene can be used as a mineral oil but it is shinier and is water-resistant  
  5. Tocopherol acetate is vitamin E acetate that is also an antioxidant, photoprotective 
  6. Silica balances oils and makes the product matte 
  7. Hydrogenated castor oil is a humectant and also a moisturizer. First, it doesn’t let water molecules leave the skin and secondly, it binds the molecules to the skin 
  8. Caprylic is a non-greasy and no shine emollient  
  9. Shea butter soothes the skin as well protects the skin from sun damage as it contains antioxidants and vitamins  
  10. Ceramide is a lipid that protects the shell(skin) and keeps it hydrated  
  11. Cholesterol is also a lipid that stabilizes ceramide and together they are stronger  
  12. Ethylene makes the oil harden into a gel  
  13. Tetrahexadecyl ascorbate is a form of vitamin C but more stable and neutral 
  14. Caprylyl glycol is a moisturizer and preservative  
  15. Palmitic acid is an emollient which is found on the skin and this is a cleanser as well  
  16. Lecithin is to coat and stabilize other parts 
  17. Sea whip extract is anti-inflammatory and also a botanical component  
  18. Gluten-free and paraben-free 

Not so cool features: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Has aluminum and petroleum in it 

This product might be on the expensive side for a lip balm but it’s meant to rejuvenate your lip skin and a plumped lip that will last long. 

9. Tarte Sting Zing Lip Plumping Serum 

Weight: 1.59 Oz with the packaging  


This one is going to hurt. This product has more than three-ingredient for a lip plump including capsicum extract. So, this will sting but will work instantly. You can admire your fake botched lips in just seconds. Something to be so miraculous, you have to dare to endure the pain(!). But the product is very hydrating as well. 

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Sting Zing Lip Plumping Serum

Some of the features: 

  1. Comes with a stiff and precise brush 
  2. Emollient: caprylic acid. It is light and doesn’t have any smell in it 
  3. Alkyl benzoate is also a light emollient and has a silky feeling to it 
  4. Pentaerythrityl tetra iso-stearate is also a liquid emollient used in lip balms which is long-lasting and waterproof 
  5. Oleic poly glycerides are fatty acids with glycerin in it. This is a humectant as well as a Plumping component with a glossy effect 
  6. Ethylhexyl palmitate is also an emollient  
  7. Hydrogenated polyisobutene is an emollient with waterproof and gloss enhancer effect 
  8. Sesame seed oil is a plant oil and it helps to improve chapped lip skin 
  9. Silica dimethyl silylate makes the oil-based product a bit firm 
  10. Bakuchiol works like retinol and improves skin condition. This produces collagen and rejuvenates the skin. Lip plump component 
  11. Silica absorbs extra oil and balances the product. 
  12. Sunflower seed oil is an organic oil and used as an emollient  
  13. This serum works like a UV filter 
  14. Tocopherol is a vitamin E and antioxidant  
  15. Capsicum frutescence resin is a skin conditioner and improves blood circulation  
  16. Passiflora edulis seed oil is passionfruit extract with linoleic acid in it 
  17. Coconut oil is a fatty acid and moisturizer  
  18. Lactic acid is an AHA and sunscreen in short 
  19. Palmitoyl tripeptide is a peptide that enhances collagen production  
  20. Sodium hyaluronate is for the moisturizing effect  
  21. Algae extract is a humectant and moisturizer  
  22. Vegan and cruelty-free 

Not so cool features: 

  1. This will sting more  
  2. Has petroleum and aluminum products in it 
  3. Has preservatives  

No pain, no gain. So without a bit of spice on your lips, how will you get the exotic look you are craving?  

10. Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath 

Shade: Refresh Rose 

Weight:0.99 Oz with packaging  


This particular shade is probably my favorite on till now. This might be on the expensive side but it is truly a work of art. A very subtle pink to enhance the natural color of your lips with a flexible and precise applicator and very gentle lip plumper. But with such grace has come to a high-end result. Not so aggressive lip plump but you will definitely notice the change. 

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath Gloss Lip

Some of the features: 

  1. Comes in beautiful packaging with a heart-shaped applicator  
  2. Glides easily and is a non-sticky feel to it 
  3. Octydodecanol is a odorless emollient  
  4. Dicaprylyl carbonate is a sunscreen and then it dries the product but has a velvety touch to it 
  5. Pentaerythrityl tetra iso-stearate is a waterproof and long-lasting emollient that can be used as lip balms 
  6. Bis glyceryl poly-acyladipate is an ester that moisturizes the skin and creates a film around the skin 
  7. Cetearyl ethyl hexanoate is an emollient that absorbs very quickly than other emollients 
  8. Ethylhexyl palmitate is also an emollient and works with other oils 
  9. Menthol works as an antibacterial, reduces and heals scars, and saves skin from water loss. This also has a beautiful smell to it 
  10. Coconut oil is an emollient with fatty acids but the texture of it can be hard or liquid relying on the weather  
  11. Peppermint oil also heals any kind of skin problems and also contributes to the fragrance  
  12. Sclerocarya birrea seed oil is a fruit extract that helps to improve skin conditions  
  13. Tocopheryl acetate is a vitamin E extract and is a UV filter 
  14. Tribehenin is a gelling agent and stabilizes oil into the gel 
  15. Soluble collagen is a moisturizer and humectant. This also binds water molecules on the skin and prevents water loss 
  16. Castor oil is an emollient and has a very glossy effect on it 
  17. Mica extract is a mineral dye and has a pearl-pigmented touch on the product. This also has an anti-caking property  
  18. Tocopherol has vitamin E and C in it along with antioxidants  
  19. Retinyl palmitate is a mixture of palmitate acid and retinol. Retinol improves skin texture and is anti-aging  
  20. Lactic acid is an AHA that balances pH and hydrates the skin 
  21. Leuconostoc is a natural preservative 
  22. Palmitoyl tripeptide is a peptide that helps to boost collagen on the skin 
  23. Titanium dioxide is a pigment and saves skin from sun rays 
  24. No paraben, SLS, PEG, and gluten  

Not so cool features: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Has micro plastic elements  

This is a very clean peptide-based gloss-plump. Might be on the expensive side but the outcome is worth the cost. 

11. Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss  

Shade: Pink Slip 

Weight:0.11 Oz 


stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss

The shade is the clearest shade of pink. But very pigmented like all of the other Stila products. You’ll barely notice the color. This is also gentle lip plumper, this will not bite! The motto is, hydrated lip causes plumped lips. And that’s how it works with hyaluronic acid. 

Some of the features: 

  1. A transparent packaging with a precise applicator  
  2. Gloss finish, non-sticky feel  
  3. Octydodecanol is a lightweight emollient  
  4. Hydrogenated polyisobutene is also an emollient but with pigments and water-resistant parts 
  5. Caprylic is light and clear emollient  
  6. Mica extract is a pearl-like pigment and masks up the smell 
  7. Silica is added to balance out the oils thus making it matt 
  8. Contains castor oil which is thicker than the other emollients and glossier  
  9. Sodium hyaluronate is a lot like hyaluronic acid and is a humectant  
  10. Tin oxide is added to affect the pigments and also protects the skin from UV rays 
  11. Aluminum hydroxide is a humectant and helps to protect skin from any sun damage  
  12. Paraben, SLS and PEG free 
  13. Gluten-free  

Not so cool features: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Has aluminum and petroleum parts in it 

The lips will show instant hydration and plumpness but without any pain, so it’ll be like the Neutrogena ones. Gentle. 

Lip plumpers are temporary and will last for a few hours or as long as your makeup is on. But to improve the dimension of your lips in the long run some of the best lip plumper gloss or balms or serums are added here. You can go for a mini-war or relaxation up to you. But the outcomes are also goanna be different with each product. So do check the ingredients in case you have allergies and all. Otherwise, you are good to go! 

how to get the plump-lip look: 

  1. first, exfoliate your lips with something very gentle. the more aggressive you are the more you will lose water from your skin 
  2. moisturize properly 
  3. for that overlined lips always over the line of the cupid’s bow and the middle part of the bottom lip apply some lip plumper, if it has coloring pigment you might not need to apply anything else. 
  4. but with clear ones, you can apply any cream or matte liquid lipstick 

Though the full lip trend might not be started by Kylie Jenner she sure did empower it over time. People crave her look, her lips mostly her lifestyle. But better be happy with the lips if nothing at all. So lip fillers got very popular by that enthusiasm and still are popular. But having an unfamiliar part in the body sounds uncomfortable to some people and some are also allergic to fillers that might cause havoc, so, the easy solution has something to temporarily swell or fill your lips. Not just for the feel of it but also, they can be very hydrating and sometimes glossy as well.

They are more affordable and you can find them near your home or even online. So better to get it done with 20 dollars than to spend 2000 dollars (more or less!) on lip injections. They have several types and have instant effects. And the main thing is, the product is always gonna be on the skin of your lips, nothing you have to swallow or push. You just have to make sure, the pain(tangling) you can adjust to and the product that gives you the right amount of fullness you ask for. So here are some best lip plumper, that you can try and look for your perfect look.

FAQ’s of the best lip plumper:

  1. What lip plumper actually works? 

The Too faced and Tarte lip plumpers are very aggressive than the rest of the products. They give almost instant lip plump. But some of the products are more subtle and take time to get fuller and hydrated lips. This gives a long-term look. So, they do work. 

  1. How can I get fuller lips naturally?  
  • Exfoliate  
  • Moisturize 
  • Use lip liners. Overline your lips a bit. 
  • Use your favorite lip plumper 
  • Blend it out with the liner 


Use lipstick and put nude lip liners on top of it 

  1. Does lip plumper damage your lips? 

The main reason why lip plumpers work is that they enhance blood flow on the lips and thus hydrating it. So it looks fuller and brighter. Nothing’s wrong with hydrated lips. These are the best lip plumpers described here and they will not cause any damage. 

  1. How long does lip plumper last? 

It depends. The serum-based ones work in a long-term process but the gloss-based ones plumps in just a few moments. So it’ll last for a few hours or until you take off your makeup. But you can always re-apply. 

  1. Does hyaluronic acid make your lips bigger? 

Hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate is a very common ingredient in most of the lip balms and best nude lip liners. This is a very hydrating component and makes the lips or skin hydrated on a deeper level and heals chapped lips. So, yes hyaluronic acid plays an important role to make your lip plump. 

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