Enchanted Islands – The Galápagos

Klaus FielschJoin us for an in-depth presentation on the amazing Galápagos Islands with Klaus Fielsch, Product Manager and expert naturalist for travel partner Metropolitan Touring. Klaus will provide a general overview of the Galápagos, as well as insights into the wildlife and natural habitats one might expect to see on a cruise to the “Enchanted Islands.” He’ll be introduced by David Lewey, Tour Architect for our small ship expeditionary cruises in the Galápagos archipelago.

Born in Quito to a German / Ecuadorian family, Klaus Fielsch has two passions – nature and design. He became fascinated with the study of nature when his father presented him with books by Alexander von Humboldt, Charles Darwin, Edward Whimper, Theodor Wolf (the unknown “Naturalist of Ecuador”), Konrad Lorenz and more – and he pursued his passion for design during studies at renowned US universities in the 1990s. Today, his career with Metropolitan enables him to share his passion for Galápagos and nature with colleagues to in turn bring to guests.


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