African Women Transforming the Travel Industry

The diverse nations of the African continent are on many people’s bucket lists thanks to their cultures, incredible landscapes and mesmerizing wildlife.

As well as hosting millions of tourists every year in stunning destinations, from safari parks to culture-packed cities, the continent is home to a number of incredible organizations working in the travel industry. Many are run by women who are hoping to change the shape of the industry in Africa in numerous ways, whether that’s by promoting sustainable travel or by boosting opportunities for females in the local communities. 

To give you some insight into these organizations, many of which we partner with regularly, we’d like to shine a light on the following women transforming travel across Africa.

The Black Mambas

It’s no secret that poaching remains a big problem in many African countries. Statistics show that poachers kill thousands of animals every day across the region’s plains and parks. Luckily, those numbers are going down in many areas thanks, in part, to brave anti-poaching units like the Black Mambas.

Unlike other anti-poaching groups, the Black Mambas are mostly all female. These women are transforming travel by protecting Africa’s wonderful wildlife in the Balule Nature Reserve. Located within South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the main species at risk from poachers are the park’s elephants, rhinos and lions. They’re often targeted due to the reserve’s lack of fences which are designed to allow the animals free movement across the larger park area. 

The Black Mambas anti-poaching unit has been able to save hundreds of animals from ending up on the black market. The group is currently made up of 23 rangers and seven environmental monitors who not only work to protect the local wildlife, but also educate their communities by running conservation programs in schools. 

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The Black Mambas work hard to protect rhinos from poachers.

Dunia Camp

Nestled in the heart of Tanzania‘s stunning Central Serengeti National Park, Dunia Camp is a sublime base for a safari vacation. Dunia Camp is one of our sustainable travel partners and is unique in the fact that it’s entirely run by women.

Dunia Camp first became an all-female enterprise in 2016 and there are now more than 20 women who work there. The team’s roles vary from maintaining the safari tents to taking guests around on guided game drives.

The camp is not only confirmation of women transforming the travel industry in Africa, but it’s also helping close the gender inequality gap. It is rare in Tanzanian culture to see women working in safari parks, let alone running lodges. According to Dunia Camp’s manager, Angel Vendeline Namshali, the transition to an all-female staff happened organically and is testament to the determination of women in the local community who want to work instead of stay home. 

Why not book a stay at Dunia Camp on a responsible travel safari getaway? The camp is ideally placed to witness the Great Migration, and then relax at the warm and welcoming bar or the seclusion of your own private balcony.

Angel Vendeline Namshali, Manager, and her team of women transforming travel at Dunia Camp.
Angel Vendeline Namshali, Manager, and her team of women at Dunia Camp

Chobe Game Lodge

If beautiful Botswana is your safari destination of choice, few lodges are better placed than the Chobe Game Lodge. Situated within the Chobe National Park that’s famed for its huge herds of elephants, it’s simultaneously the oldest 5-star safari lodge in the country and the only one to be within the boundaries of the park itself.

Chobe Game Lodge is contributing to responsible travel in Africa by ensuring at least 65% of its staff members are female. What’s more, the venue has an all-female team of safari guides as part of its initiative to increase the number of professionally qualified female guides across Botswana. 

Meet the lodge’s wonderful staff members for yourself by arranging a stay at the Chobe Game Lodge during a vacation with Enchanting Travels. Look forward to staying in luxurious rooms and enjoying game drives in all-electric vehicles driven by knowledgeable female guides.

Are you ready to experience these amazing camps and lodges for yourself? Reach out to our team of travel experts to learn more about responsible travel experiences in Africa.

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