Popularity of Gaming & Global Revenue – Which Two Gaming Genres are the most Popular?

One of the world’s largest and most profitable sectors is the gaming industry, the primary reason is that video games are extremely popular and are starting to cater all ages.


There are many gamers around the world that buy specialised smart devices such as gaming consoles, PC’s and mobile phones, the industry is booming in terms of global revenue, due to the continuous success in gaming, the global gaming market is set to reach $256.97 billion by 2025.


There are several games to select from and to experience, some games can only be played online, although even those allow you to play with or against other people online. These online games come in all shapes and sizes, but how do they work? Within this article we explore the two most popular types of gaming genres.


MOBA – MOBA known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a popular online gaming genre, popular games like Overwatch, League of Legends, Smite, Dota 2 are famous games in the MOBA genre, however, what’s the structure of these games?


Most MOBA games have a Player vs Player mode in which five players battle it out against another five. There may be more players on a team in some games. You select a character with special abilities and traits, and then work with the rest of your team to beat the opposing team.


Even though the character you pick is completely optional, other players may become irritated if you don’t have a helpful or damaging character. It’s a team base effort, as a result, these teams participate in international competitions and professional leagues. This is what is known as E-Sport gaming, esports has become incredibly popular and due to its rise in popularity, gamers around the world like to watch and wager on these professional gamers on online gaming casinos sites just like these.





MMO – Massive Multiplayer Online, known as MMO is a term used to describe games in which many people from across the world participate in a shared virtual environment. Word of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, A New World are just a few of the well-know MMO games.


So, how exactly do MMO games work? Players are essentially dropped into an imaginary universe on the internet. Most of the time, you’ll be able to choose options like race, gender, class, occupation, and others that are exclusive to that universe while creating a new character.


In order to enhance your character’s skills in areas like fighting, crafting, commerce, and so on, you’ll want to go exploring and gaining experience. Players in massively multiplayer online games have a multitude of features and possibilities to discover.




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