How To Look Taller When You Have Short Legs?

Do you often think that you look shorter than your actual height? Sometimes does this happen that people call another person of the same height as you taller than you? Well, I am 5 ft 4 inches, and people used to call me short all the time. Sometimes, I had to prove my height by standing next to a presumably taller person. But Gone are those days because now I have understood the basic problem and how to correct it.

It is Short Legs and Long Torso

Girls who are under 5 ft 4 inches have often this type of body structure in which their legs are short and torso is long, and when we do not style accordingly, our height looks lesser than usual.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can dress when you have short legs so that you can look taller. This is a very short list, and you can bookmark this article and run through it quickly whenever you feel like it.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin!!!

1. High Waist Jeans are Your Best Friend

how to dress when you are short

If you have short legs then high waist jeans are your best friend because they shift your waistline to a bit higher, adding length to the legs. Low waist and mid-waist jeans are a Big NO for you because they make your legs look shorter. On the other hand, high waist jeans create the illusion of a higher waistline and long legs, making you look taller.

2. No To Skinny Fit Jeans

short girls styling tips

If you are a lover of skinny fit jeans that hugs you at the right curves, then you must stop doing it now because skinny fit jeans make people focus on your natural lower waistline. Thus, even if you wear high waist and its skinny, it will not work.

Instead, you should opt for straight fit pants as these gives the illusion of longer legs.

3. Stack-Up A-line Skirts and Dresses

what to wear for short girls

Opt for A-line skirts that are mid-rise and high rise and don’t go for the length beyond knees as this will defeat all the purpose by hiding most part of your legs.

In dresses, select those with A-line flare and whose lengths are slightly above your knees.

I am not saying that you should always wear minis but skirts and dresses longer than knee length make you look petite. Hence, always opt for the length above the knee.

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4. Look for Vertical Design or Hemline

dress to look tall

Horizontal stripes make you look wider and shorter. Therefore, always select vertical print on the dresses, jeans, and tops. This does not mean you should always wear zebra stripes, instead of vertical hemline will also work.

Look for the jeans which have a vertical hemline on the sides and fine vertical non-contrasting lines to accentuate the length of legs.

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5. Avoid BIG Prints and Loud Colors

Never choose big prints with flower and leaves as this makes your body looks bigger and supresses your height. Moreover, loud colors such as red and purple put focus on you waist line and hips, thus make you look shorter.

Always opt for a solid color to enhance your leg’s length.

6. Team Up With Crop Tops and Jackets

guide to look tall

Avoid wearing long oversized T-shirts, shirts, and tops with high waist jeans. Instead, always opt for crop tops and jackets with high-waisted bottoms.

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7. Big No To Flared Bottoms

look taller when you have short legs

Flared bottoms may be in trend currently, but you should never follow the trend blindly. Flared bottoms cut your height and thus such pants are no good choice for women with short legs.

8. Check That Sling

styling tips for short girls

We all love sling bags because they are easy to carry and have enough space to keep our essentials in them. But if you want to look taller then you should keep a check on the length of the sling because if your bag is hanging below the waistline it will make you look shorter.

Contrarily if you hang the sling bag slightly above the waistline, it will accentuate your height.

Furthermore, you can also stick to smaller bags if you are petite because large bags do not suit petite body types.

9. Say NO to Platform heels and Wedges

While platform heels and wedges are comfortable to wear and walk on, they make you look shorter. Hence, on the days you want to look taller, just reserved plain heels.

10. Wear Monochrome Dress Combination

How to look taller when you have short legs

When you wear different dresses divided into different shades, you divide your body length into those parts. Hence, that maxi dress and jumpsuit are for you to look taller.

With maxi dresses, you can also use a belt that is tied a little higher above the belly button to highlight your figure.

So, next time you shop, keep these points in mind so that you will slay every time you dress. I hope you liked the article, If you have any questions or suggestions, please write them in the comment section below. I love to read and reply to them.

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