How to Get Voluminous Hair at Home

Image Credit @ Kent Baker for Wonderland Magazine

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, how about an at-home blow-dry and some gorgeous, voluminous hair? Even if you don’t fancy giving it a go, the video I have to show you this week is well worth a watch, because it was made by two of my dear friends and two of the most talented hair stylists in the fashion world, Neil Moodie and Earl Simms. Oh, and you might recognise the model in the video, too…

How to Get Voluminous Hair at Home

In Neil’s ‘The Alphabet of Hair’ episode, he covers ‘V for Volume’, covering how to get voluminous hair, fullness and root-lift throughout the locks. You can watch the video below for all the techniques (and some pro wind-machine action at the end) and then read the tips to give it a go at home.

Image Credit @ Kent Baker for Wonderland Magazine


When people say their hair is flat, it’s usually because they don’t lift the roots. First, add a thickening spray or cream to the roots to prep the hair. Use a large round brush right in at the roots and follow the brush with a hair dryer. Once it’s dry, switch to cold and set the root lift in place.

Use a curling iron

Add a heat protecting hairspray to hair and then take the curling iron and wrap the hair around at the root, gently moving the hair over the iron to keep it in place. Once it’s cooled, brush it out.

Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in extensions are also a great way to add volume to your hair, but just make sure you get the positioning right. Section the hair where you’re going to add the clip-ins, add some spray and lightly backcomb right at the root. Add the middle clip in first as close to the scalp as possible then follow the line around clipping in.

S-Shaped Waves

With the curling iron behind the hair wrap the hair around the barrel away from the face creating the first wave. The take the iron out and place it in front of the hair, curling the hair in the opposite direction just below the first curl. Repeat until the end. Alternatively, curl all the way around the iron until the end, directing alternate sections of hair different ways (toward or away from the face).

Pretty major, no?

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