How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend

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We all want to give good gifts – and not simply good ones, but gifts that will be enjoyed and appreciated, that make the recipient feel seen and known. That being said, choosing an outstanding gift isn’t a skill everyone has, so sometimes the best thing you can do is to ask for help.

If you’re currently shopping for your girlfriend but you’ve hit a wall in terms of what to buy, this list can help you get started by honing in on a few key criteria.

Tell A Sentimental Story

One of the best things you can do when choosing a great gift is to look for a way to make the gift meaningful. That means thinking about your relationship, her interests, your talents, and the larger story of your relationship. Even if your girlfriend isn’t the sentimental type, offering a personal gift or a gift that has a more significant meaning than “I saw this and thought of you” can leave an impression.

It’s also important to recognize that not every story has to be focused on your past together. Looking to the future has its own value. For example, you might give her an item connected to a place you hope to travel to together, like a piece of jewellery made from red Italian coral or art books from a museum you want to visit with her.

Give Her An Upgrade

Are you dating a woman who has a hard time with the infamous Parks & Rec catchphrase, “Treat yo self”? Well, maybe you just need to treat her instead. This might mean offering a gift that’s an upgrade on an everyday item, but that she wouldn’t spend the money on herself, such as a high-quality leather wallet or a raincoat that won’t leave her feeling cold and damp.

Does she love pens or writing? Pick up some beautiful notebooks or a fountain pen in place of her usual ballpoint pen so she can enjoy her hobby while also enjoying a touch of luxury.

How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend

Keep Her Cozy

Most of us are still spending a lot of time at home these days, and with winter around the corner, that’s not likely to change soon. Choose some gifts to keep her cozy, like a cute pair of slippers, a big, fuzzy blanket, or a mug and some tea. And, if you’re in the market for evening-in gifts, consider tossing in a candle and some bath supplies or, alternatively, a board game you can play together – also known as the gift of quality time.

Outfit Her Hobbies

Shopping for supplies for someone else’s hobby can be a tough thing to do, especially if their pastime is a niche craft or other activity you don’t know much about. Other activities are a little easier to work with, though, such as if your girlfriend loves to cook or is an avid biker. Look for items that will make her hobby that much more enjoyable by visiting speciality shops, picking out add-ons like a great enamelled skillet, fancy spices, or a better pair of cushioned bike shorts for those long rides.

People always say of gifts that it’s the thought that counts, and while that’s true, people are still unusually touched when they receive a gift that’s just right. And, getting that gift just right is all the more important when the gift is for your girlfriend. She wants to know that you really know and understand her, so take the time to plan and get her gift exactly right.


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