31 Days Of Horror – FROM BEYOND (1986)

31 Days Of Horror returns to Last Movie Outpost as we tackle From Beyond, a horror fest that we rate highly

From Beyond is another classic, directed by Stuart Gordon and based on a Lovecraft story. Jeffrey Combs is in it as Crawford, the assistant to the mad scientist, Dr. Edward Pretorius.


Together they have invented a nifty little gadget that stimulates the pineal gland, in between Pretorius’ side hobby of torturing young co-eds he brings home for some light S&M.

The machine is called “The Resonator” and once it’s fired up at the start of the film, all kinds of unintended consequences kick-off.  The good Doctor gets his head bitten off by a creature from a dimension that is next door to our own. It now has access to our world and vice versa thanks to the resonator.

Crawford beats feet, and ends up at the nuthatch when he tries to explain what happened. This is after the cops go to the house and find that Dr. Pretorious is a lot shorter than he used to be. Luckily for Crawford (and us), Barbara Crampton is a Doc at the loony-bin and believes his story.

Using some horror movie logic she decides it would be best for him to go back to the scene of the incident and relive his trauma. For good measure, Ken Foree joins the duo as a cop involved in the case. He’s there to make sure Crawford doesn’t go insane and murder again while Doctor McMichaels makes him re-enact and explain what happened the night Dr. Pretorius got decaffeinated.

After forcing Crawford to put the machine back in working order, things go sideways as Doctor McMichaels is seduced by the pleasure of the resonator.  Dr. Pretorius is now part of the other world and wants the three to join him in a dimension of pleasure… or so he says.


From Beyond is a lot of fun. Unlike Re-Animator, this is not a comedy-horror film. It is creepy all the way through. The ambiance is excellent, with a building dread. Even better, we get to see Crampton, God bless her, in some extremely sexy S&M leather gear. Verily!

All the practical special effects are outstanding and look disgusting. The movie is a slimy, gore-soaked bloodbath.


This is one of my favorite horror films. Do yourself a solid and watch it this month.

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