Watch: Sci-Fi Short ‘Deadlock’ – Where They Keep Spirits of the Dead

Deadlock Short Film

“I saw it and felt something I’d never felt before.” The easiest way to introduce this: what if someone made Ghostbusters gritty & real, like how Christopher Nolan made his Batman movies gritty & real? Deadlock is a sci-fi short proof-of-concept created, produced, written & directed by filmmaking team John X. Carey + Aqsa Altaf. In a world where the living have the imprisoned the spirits of the dead in a server facility called “Deadlock” – an officer there is having a day from hell. The film tells a few stories about people involved in running the facility, mainly the crew who round up the ghosts. The short stars Joey Auzenne, Langston Fishburne, Jenna Qureshi, Brandon Scales, and Christopher Newman. This features an impressive amount of world-building and style, one hell of a proof-of-concept for sure. A refreshing take on ghosts, too.

Deadlock Short Film

Deadlock Poster

Thanks to Short of the Week for the tip on this one. Description from YouTube: “A gritty Ghostbusters set in a world where the living have imprisoned the spirits of the dead in a server facility called Deadlock. The story tracks the lives of those affected by the mismanagement of the afterlife.” Deadlock is both written and directed by filmmakers Aqsa Altaf and John X. Carey (see more of his directing on Vimeo) – a writing & directing team based in Los Angeles; visit their official website to see more of their work (they’re currently making a sci-fi series called Heat). Produced by Leslie Ann Owen, Nicholas Stachurski, Aqsa Altaf & John X. Carey. Featuring cinematography by Chris Saul, VFX by Tomash Kuzmytskyi from The Kroot, and music by Hammock and Philip Klein. For more on the film, visit SOTW. To watch more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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