SSK returns to America with the ZPro Glove Line

After a hiatus in the states, SSK is back with a vengeance. The company exited the US market due to distribution reasons but after sorting that out with a direct-to-consumer model, SSK is back with some high quality leather. The ZPro glove line is a product of this resurgence. Every ZPro model will be limited to a production run of only 30 gloves. Once they sell out, they’re gone forever. This glove line features the same quality and specs that the pro guys receive. Each ZPro glove is a clone of the glove used on a big league diamond.

SSK is currently offering eight models in the ZPro line, all coming in at $350. The line features four Javy Baez models, two Luis Urias models, and two Wander Franco models. This post will take a look at all eight offerings currently available.

Javier Baez

Javy Baez has been SSK’s flagship athlete for a few years now and it shows with the line they have released for him. The only difference between these gloves and Javy’s gamers is the lack of his sister’s name on the pointer finger. Other than that these are carbon copies.

All of Javy’s models come in at 11.25″, a good option for sure-handed middle infielders. The first of his is this royal blue piece with the unique yellow and white accents. El Mago (The Magician) graces the thumb of all of his ZPro models as well. I am a huge fan of the home plate/diamond inlay on the one-piece web.

The elephant print design is a cool touch. The red palm liner and the accents on the pinky make this glove super unique and quite flashy. It all ties together and, overall, I like this color combo.

The next offering from Baez is this tan beauty. I love the web on this one! The inlay combined with the unique lacing makes this web one I had not seen before. The classic tan leather makes this glove a little more understated than the previous blue one.

This glove features the same trim design as the previous glove but this time with red on white. It adds a little touch of flash to an otherwise classic glove.

This piece is by far the most traditional in the Baez glove line. A simple black and blonde color combo is always a winner. That paired with a classic one-piece web makes this glove clean.

This glove is certainly not as flashy as the rest but retains the same level of rarity for those who don’t like the loud colors.

We jump from the most classic to probably the loudest. SSK created this show-stopping pink glove for Baez for Mother’s Day. This glove is about as crazy as it gets. It’s not often you see a pink and white glove featured on an MLB infield.

While this certainly isn’t for everyone, for the right person, this is probably a dream glove.

Luis Urias

Luis Urias is a Brewers infielder with huge potential on a team already loaded with the tools to be special.

Urias’ primary gamer is this all blonde, 11.5″ I web. This glove is classic and clean – not much else to say.

In a world of kaleidoscope gloves, this is a refreshing dose of simplicity that will age like a fine wine.

This Urias glove adds a little more Brewers flair to the 11.5″ I web base. The gray and navy blue pair well together, allowing the yellow to pop.

This is a pretty unique design that works really well. It’s a color combo you don’t see everyday but a great design overall.

Wander Franco

By now, I think just about everyone in the baseball world knows about Wander Franco. The switch-hitting, five-tool phenom is one of baseball’s brightest future stars and his glove-game matches the hype.

Wander marries classic and flashy beautifully with this 11.75″ stunner. El Patron, or The Boss, graces the thumb of this black-based I web glove. The elephant print leather makes another appearance on this glove and I am a huge fan.

The awesome pinky trim returns and is paired with baby blue to add a touch of color. The tan laces are an interesting choice but work really well, in my opinion. This glove is a winner!

The final offering from this ZPro drop is this 11.5″ eye-catching I web. Wander went much louder with this teal and yellow combo. The gold laces add even more swag to this Rays-themed beauty.

It is worth emphasizing that Wander created two gloves at two different sizes. Wander plays both positions on the left side and likely opts for the larger glove at third base.

Final Thoughts

SSK has created some epic limited edition leather. These gloves are pro quality and stunningly designed, making the ZPro line a winner for SSK. Stay tuned as they continue to add more models but don’t forget, each model will only ever have 30 made. If you see one you like, don’t sleep on it.

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