Robert Pattinson Has Seen Some Of The Batman & Says It’s “Really Cool”

Robert Pattinson has seen some of Matt Reeves’ The Batman and thinks it’s “really cool.” The upcoming DC Extended Universe reboot of Batman will see the Twilight alum debut as the Caped Crusader in March 2022. The film will reportedly explore the early days of the Dark Knight’s career in a corrupt Gotham and his mantle as “The World’s Greatest Detective.” Rumor has it The Batman is inspired by comic book storylines like The Long Halloween.

Before Warner Bros. abandoned the Synder-Verse and re-directed the DCEU, Ben Affleck was supposed to star, direct, and write The Batman. However, the star left the project, which resulted in its overhaul into a solo film with no connections to previous franchises. Like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman will exist in his own universe as he encounters a plethora of iconic villains including The Riddler (Paul Dano), Penguin (Colin Farrell), and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz). The film will also feature Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon.

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During a recent interview with Variety on the red carpet for the Academy Museum’s premiere party, Pattinson teased what fans can expect from The Batman at this year’s DC FanDome. In addition to saying he and Kravitz had prepared something for the event, the actor talked about his reaction to Reeve’s film. “I’ve seen some of the movie now and it’s kind of really cool,” Pattinson said. “It’s really cool.

It’s already been reported that a new trailer for The Batman will debut at DC Fandome, which begins on October 16. Before the debut of the film’s teaser at last year’s Fandome, many were wary of Pattinson playing the eponymous character. However, the moment his Batman showed off his brutality by pummeling a criminal, most skeptics became intrigued. Realizing the shoes he has to fill, DC recently revealed a promotional clip for The Batman featuring all past versions of the character — from Michael Keaton to Ben Affleck. The Batman is said to be the start of a series aiming to rival Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Despite existing in another universe and being teased as radically different, Pattinson’s Batman will be accompanied by two other Batmen in the larger DCEU. Both Affleck and Keaton are set to reprise their roles in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. Given the multiversal name of that film, it’s possible (but unlikely) that Pattinson’s character will crossover to other DCEU films at some point. The Batman looks to be one of DC Films’ grittiest and most grounded superhero films yet and, to quote “Patman,” it does look really cool.

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Source: Variety

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