29 Quick Updos for Long Hair That Are All Easy to Re-Create

Even when we love our latest haircut, style, length—or all of the above—there can still be moments when we hit a creative hair plateau. What I’ve found is that pulling my hair up, back, or simply accessorizing can revive the love of my natural curls. Of course, hair reinvention will look different for each of us depending on our style ideology, hair length, and face shape. But, a new style is just an accessory or shape away.

To help you find some inspiration, I’ve rounded up a few of the chicest yet easy styles for long hair. From low ponytails to curly topknots, there is a style here that I hope will spark your very own hair aha moment. So keep scrolling for 30 easy-breezy hairstyles for long hair you can style in minutes.

If your hair is all one length, have your stylist cut a few face-framing layers to make placing your hair up into a middle-parted updo with tendrils a simple task.

A fringe with a wispy bun is an updo that gives an effortless, chic look. For a more lived-in style, let flyaways do their thing or strategically place each wisp.

Love your signature ponytail? We do too. To take things up a notch by adding some accessories. From clips to bold hair ties, the creative possibilities are endless.

Janet Jackson’s iconic box braids in the 1993 film Poetic Justice are forever beauty inspiration. To achieve this look, the key is the fresh white headband. Taking the DIY approach with a piece of white fabric could work in your favor, but The Wrap Life’s Tencel Flow Wraps take the guesswork out of creating a headband with the right length.

Cassandra’s sleek low bun takes on new life thanks to the structured organza scrunchie taking centerstage.

A topknot, but make it a golden garden? What makes this topknot soar is the lived-in look. If your hair is fine, you may need a touch of hairspray to keep your knot in place, but keep it light.

The ’90s are back in a big way, and so are that decade’s hair accessories. Instead of securing the hair with loads of bobby pins, twist your length up, tuck it, and secure it with a claw hair clip.

Protective styling natural hair is full of versatility. In this case, cornrows offer up a chance to give curly and coily hair a break from manipulation while providing a beautiful, low-maintenance style. Keep a nozzled scalp serum on hand to treat your scalp if you find it needs a little TLC.

Securing a curly high pony is as simple as placing an elastic band at the base of the head to secure each curl. Of course, depending on the density of your hair, a traditional elastic band might not work. But, you’re in luck. There are bands made with curly hair textures in mind. Once secure, pop on a black headband to bring the look full circle.

Pairing a side part with a topknot makes it easy to take your long hair from day to night in minutes (and give your oily hair one more day before you need to wash it). But, again, don’t be afraid to let the flyaways run wild.

I’d be lying if I said this style didn’t take me back to high school days. But, truthfully, I can’t remember why we ever retired this look.

Pulling the hair into an updo doesn’t mean your style has to be intricate. Valeria proves just that. Take a tiny section of hair, give it a curl with a wand (or flat iron), pop the rest of your hair up with a few curby grips, give it a spritz of holding spray, and you’re out the door.

It doesn’t get simpler than this, but you can still have some fun. Add a cool clip or crystal bobby pins to add some personal style.

The two-piece fringe is in, and you can put your own spin on it with a headband. Go colourful or muted. Whatever feels best for you.

With this halo braid, you have options. You can either tuck the length or braid it to the end.

Need a hairstyle that can cover up your oily roots? This style is it. To get the spiked structure applying a molding pomade is your best bet.

Need a sleek updo in seconds? Add a little volume to the crown of your head and spray a touch of holding spray.

Curly topknots give naturals an opportunity to switch things up without the need for a full wash day. Add a scarf, clips, or crystal curby grips to make the style you own.

Pulling the hair back off the face can make even the most confident person feel exposed. But, in our opinion, that’s the best part. Show off your beautiful features with this sleek bun. Depending on your hair texture, you’ll need different style products. But edge control, pomades, and holding spray are often great products, no matter your hair type.

This gorgeous full glam ‘do will likely take a little extra time. However, we think it will be worth every second.

We know topknots can feel one-dimensional, but J.Lo reminds us that adding a few free-flowing hairpieces to frame the face can add new life to this beloved style.

If you take a close look at Halle Bailey’s ponytail, you can see that her locs are braided and wrapped around the base of her ponytail. This is a simple way to add texture to a classic.

This showstopping two-toned look gives us a super sleek topknot complimented by two face-framing pieces that bring the focus back to Dua Lipa’s smokey, icy blue eye look.

Baby hairs and braids are always a dynamic duo. To get the wavy baby hair look on Zoe Kravitz, grab a Baby Tress Edge Styler to skillfully lay down those baby hairs.

Zendaya’s deep side swoop and flipped ponytail is giving us all the feels of the ’90s, and we’re here for all of it.

Grab one of your go-to silk scarves and place it around the base of your ponytail for a stylish touch.

Tracee Ellis Ross’s cascading braided ponytail is a style we can’t wait to try.

Bantu knots are another excellent protective style. Braid each section for a more textured look or go traditional by twisting then securing each knot.

Next up, the bob hairstyles we really love. 

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