Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Trailer Reveals New Reaper and Sage Jobs

During the latest Letter from the Producer livestream, the Final Fantasy XIV development team discussed the changes that would be coming to all of the jobs for the Endwalker expansion coming this year. They also released a trailer that showed off these changes, which also includes the two newest jobs being added, Reaper and Sage.

The Reaper will be a melee DPS in the new expansion, and their weapon is a scythe. They have the ability to summon an avatar from the Void to aid them in battle, and even become the host for the avatar itself. They have a unique gauge called the Soul Gauge, which once they have it charged up, allows them to unleash powerful demon attacks. The avatar has its own gauge as well. We can also see in the demonstration that Reapers will be able to open up a portal so that they can close distances, and this portal will stay open temporarily. Producer Naoki Yoshida stated that the gameplay for this job was inspired by anime action scenes, and while he described the class as difficult to learn, he said that it is the “good kind” of difficult.

Sages are going to be a Healer class, and will be the first one added to Final Fantasy XIV since the Heavensward expansion. They utilize a weapon called nouliths, and are able to attack enemies and heal allies simultaneously. They have a unique resource bar that you can see in the trailer to enhance their abilities, and have access to abilities like Adder’s Gall, which creates instant barriers, and Icarus, which is a dash ability used to close gaps. The job will focus on shields to keep their party alive, rather than direct healing.

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The trailer also gives us a peek at every other job in the game. During the 18 minute video, we can get an idea on how each one will play with their new and updated abilities. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will be launching on November 23, 2021, and will be the fourth expansion in the popular MMO, and will be the conclusion of the tales of Hydaelyn and Zodiark. The story appears to be taking inspiration from Final Fantasy IV this time around, with the moon becoming an accessable location, and the Dragoon Estinien being teased as having a more prominent role in the story.

You can check out the new Job Actions trailer below.

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