Guilty Party Trailer Reveals Kate Beckinsale’s Paramount+ Comedy

Paramount+ has released the first trailer for their upcoming “genre-bending” drama-comedy series Guilty Party, coming to the streaming service in October. The series stars Kate Beckinsale as Beth Burgess, a once highly regarded journalist whose life has spun out of control. This is depicted in the brand new trailer as it opens with her receiving an award for her journalism.

One year later, she has become discredited, though the reason why is still unknown, and has been building a reputation that has become fairly damaging to her, something her editor Amber is not afraid to remind her of. The trailer shows her getting into fights, breaking and entering, and getting arrested along with wrestling with a number of personal issues.

A glimmer of hope shines from an unlikely place when she learns the story of Jules Latimer‘s Toni Plimpton, a young mother who was arrested three years ago for the murder of her husband, a crime she still says she didn’t commit, Burgess sees this as an opportunity to revive her career, though is that the right motivation if she truly wants to help Plimpton? Along the way, she will find herself in a world of corruption, gun-smuggling, injustice, and murder — aka the perfect headline story.

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The director of Guilty Party is Trent O’Donnell, who will also act as a producer alongside Jimmy Miller, Sam Hansen, Beckinsale, Joe Farrell, Jim Ziegler, Mike Farah, and the show’s writer Rebecca Addelman. Addelman said at a recent panel that they “do leave the season in a place that is begging for a Season 2” and that she “keeps getting pitched non-stop by the boy actors about the next eight seasons.” The show also stars Geoff Stults, Laurie Davidson, Andre Hyland, Tiya Sircar, and Alanna Ubach.

Guilty Party premieres with the first two episodes of its 10-episode first season on Paramount+ on October 14. Watch the new trailer for Guilty Party and read the synopsis of the series down below.

Guilty Party follows Beth Burgess (Beckinsale), a discredited journalist desperate to salvage her career by latching on to the story of a young mother, Toni Plimpton (Latimer), who has been sentenced to life in prison for maiming and murdering her husband, crimes she claims she did not commit. In trying to uncover the truth, Beth finds herself in over her head as she contends with Colorado gun-smugglers, clickbait culture, the doldrums of marriage and her own tarnished past.

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