Introducing: DeLange – Contemplation No. 2

Among my favorite genres is Neo-classical. Listening to it immerses me in a completely new sphere. Great compositions can communicate more than you can imagine. Dutch composer and pianist Delange excels when it comes to creating striking melodies. His most recent work, Contemplation No. 2, is relatively short, yet incredibly fascinating. Its sound is bursting with intricate details.

Regarding the track, DeLange says: ”We all need time to ponder on our lives, but rarely take the time to contemplate. I decided to secure my own pondering time and kept a diary in the form of musical phrases that reflect the emotions of that day. Recorded at night in my living room at my upright piano. Each night a small time-space oasis to reflect on past events and to escape the immediate surroundings.”

If you’re a fan of icons such as Ólafur Arnalds or Nils Frahm, then this should be your cup of tea. DeLange is always striving to achieve perfection in his music. Contemplation No. 2 underscores a similar philosophy. Check out the audio below!

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