COVID-19 Travel: Closer to Home, A World Away

It’s undeniably been a strange time for travel this past year. With COVID-19 still present, many of you may be a little hesitant to venture too far abroad. 

Thankfully, there are lots of incredible locations just a quick journey away which you can visit safely for a much-needed change of scene. In fact, many of our guests have already traveled during COVID-19 and enjoyed some truly life-changing experiences!

COVID-19 travel is made easy when you choose destinations with shorter journey times and fewer crowds. From breathtaking national parks unchanged by the modern world to places famed for their vibrant cultures and age-old traditions, why not plan other-worldly experiences in the following locations a little closer to home?


Diverse and dramatic landscapes hiding wondrous wildlife and ancient indigenous communities make Alaska an ideal option for COVID-19 safe travel. 

The region’s vast wildernesses allow you to steer clear of the crowds and spend the majority of your trip in the great outdoors. Enjoy a week hiking in the immense Denali National Park – home to the highest peak in North America – or glimpse grizzly bears amongst the tall trees of Glacier Bay National Park.

Alaska’s coastlines are a haven for animal fanatics, too. Untouched beaches give way to Pacific Ocean waters teeming with seals, whales and sea lions, particularly around the scenic Kenai Peninsula. Anchorage is also a must-see during COVID-19 travel to Alaska. Despite its status as a city, it’s far from crowded. Taste the eclectic local cuisine and stop off at the Alaska Native Heritage Center where you can learn all about the area’s fascinating indigenous groups. 

Grizzly Bear of Shores of Alaska.
Glimpse grizzly bears in Alaska’s wilderness


Mexico may be home to one of the largest, most bustling cities in Central America, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great location for COVID-19 safe travel! 

Avoid the big cities and beach resorts and make for lesser-known locales. Experience the tranquillity of Palenque, an ancient Mayan city set within the Chiapas jungle that boasts UNESCO World Heritage status. Those after sun and sea should consider a trip to Punta Mita. The private peninsula is perfect for COVID-19 travel, with high-end hotels and quiet beaches creating a paradise for R&R. 

Many of Mexico’s colorful colonial cities are also ideal for soaking up some of the country’s eclectic culture. Oaxaca is a melting pot of traditions and tantalizing cuisine. What’s more, it has a distinctive local identity which can be explored at its various arts and crafts markets, as well as its amazing restaurants. Alternatively, peaceful San Miguel de Allende in the highlands of Central Mexico is a magnet for culture-seekers and those excited to soak in the area’s natural thermal springs.


Most visit Hawaii for its luxurious beach resorts. Nevertheless, there’s far more to this North American oasis than its soft sand shores!

Embrace Hawaii’s welcoming culture with a visit to Oahu Island. As well as being home to the capital, Honolulu, you’ll also discover wonderful hiking trails and fantastic museums where you can learn more about the islands’ intriguing pasts. Oahu also hosts the Polynesian Cultural Centre where you can learn about local ways of life. Prefer a more hands-on cultural experience? Take a trip to a local village to meet indigenous communities and sample the deliciously fresh Hawaiian cuisine.

If you’d rather go off the beaten path, Maui and Kauai are wonderful picks. The latter is blanketed in virgin forest and is a true playground for outdoor adventure seekers. Take a canoe trip through the verdant Wailua River valley or laze around on deserted beaches along the Napali Coast. Maui is a haven for snorkelers thanks to its amazing reefs. You’ll also be able to see a different side of Hawaiian culture in Upcountry Maui. Meet real-life Hawaiian cowboys and admire exquisite artwork in charming Makawao!

Explore Kauai’s breathtaking coastline.

Costa Rica

If you’re searching for a nearby country that’s particularly great for sustainable trips, there are few better places than Costa Rica. The Central American nation is not too far to journey to for a week or so of once-in-a-lifetime adventures – and the options are truly endless!

Head deep into one of Costa Rica’s protected forests, such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Ecological Reserve, where you’ll have numerous hiking trails to explore and a choice of luxury eco-lodges to stay in. The country also boasts two spectacular coastlines where you can enjoy balmy weather conditions and all manner of marine life. The Tortuguero region is particularly stunning and its sandy coves are the nesting grounds of graceful giant sea turtles. 

Those who want to keep their distance from their fellow travelers might prefer a holiday to one of Costa Rica’s quieter locales. The dreamy Osa Peninsula is great for beach lovers who like to feel like the only people on Earth, while the charming town of Bajos del Toro lets you immerse yourself in the authentic rural traditions of the country. 

Costa Rica Trip - Waterfalls
Hike through protected ecological reserves


Embrace lakeside living or tick off some of the country’s 48 epic National Parks with a COVID-19-safe trip to Canada. Jaw-dropping landscapes are spread across the nation, in addition to amazing cities with distinctly different histories and traditions.

Thrilling adventures are at your fingertips in beautiful locations like Jasper National Park. Spring and summer are the best times to visit Canada for extraordinary wildlife encounters. Pacific Coast hotspots such as lovely Vancouver Island are famed for whale watching, while 5,000 kilometers east on the Atlantic Coast is where you’ll find sleepy fishing towns which seem frozen in time. You could also book a winter break to enjoy miles of powdery snow and exhilarating winter sports in Whistler

Canada may have a reputation as an adventure holiday destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit for cultural getaways, too. Quebec City and Montreal are the best places to experience the country’s intriguing French heritage, whether that’s mouth-watering cuisine like poutine or elegant European-inspired architecture. 

Alternatively, Dawson City on the shores of the Yukon River is an excellent spot to educate yourself about the Klondike Gold Rush. You could also ask our destination experts to put together an itinerary that lets you interact with the local indigenous communities across Canada and learn about their ancient ways of life. 

Orca watching- COVID-19 travel things to do in Canada
Watch orca’s play in the waters of Vancouver Island

Let your Enchanting Travels team of experts guide you as you plan COVID-19-safe travel to destinations that a little closer to home. 

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Responsible Travel: Creating Community Connections

Along with soaking up spectacular landscapes, glimpsing extraordinary wildlife and sampling mouth-watering cuisine, we think making deep connections with the countries and communities we visit is vitally important, too. That’s why at Enchanting Travels we always strive to offer one-of-a-kind responsible travel experiences to all of our guests, regardless of their chosen holiday destination. 

From selecting local guides to show you around their home cities to organizing memorable trips which provide much-needed support for indigenous communities, there are so many ways to give back to the people and places we visit on our travels. You could also enjoy various hands-on experiences – from craft workshops to building projects – or go completely off the beaten path during a life-changing sustainable travel trip

To give you an idea of what responsible travel activities we’re able to provide as part of your tailored trip itinerary, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite options below.

Spend a day with Kenyan grandmothers

Not just home to some truly wonderful wildlife, Kenya is also well-known for its friendly and fascinating communities. Why not give back to them with this interactive, once-in-a-lifetime experience?

We’ve partnered with One Horizon, an Africa-based tour company that specializes in responsible travel, to offer this amazing activity option. It’ll see you spending a day with a welcoming group of inspiring older Kenyan women, learning about their lifestyles and gaining an insight into their local traditions and practices. 

Many of the grandmas work hard to support their families. Part of your experience will therefore include gifting either one piglet or 25 chicks to their farms which will help provide them with vital sustenance and income in the months to come. 

Depending on the day you visit, you’ll be able to assist with chores around the farm and even prepare a traditional – and very delicious! – Kenyan lunch. It’ll be a day for making memories and changing lives – both the grandmas’ and your own. 

Enjoy a real-life “Out of Africa” experience with Florian Keller

If you’ve ever watched the 1985 blockbuster Out of Africa, you’ll know just how beautiful the scenery in this corner of the world can be! 

This next experience is one we’re able to offer exclusively to guests visiting Kenya. That’s because our company co-founder, Florian Keller, currently calls the same location where the inspiring film was shot 36 years ago his home. Receive a warm welcome into his wonderful property near Nairobi and enjoy breakfast or drinks with views across the stunning Ngong Hills. 

In addition to soaking up the scenery and spotting the occasional wild animal in the distance, you could also sit down to dine beside the property’s magnificent fireplace. It was here, three decades ago, that Robert Redford and Meryl Streep’s characters told stories to each other over the crackling of the warm open fire. 

A truly unique experience, visiting Florian’s home allows you to glimpse a place that has shaped the imaginations of countless people across the world!

Top 5 Trees to Gather Around
Florian Keller at his property in Kenya

Explore Delhi during a Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk

India’s capital is a true kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, cultures and colors. This next responsible travel experience allows you to see the city through the eyes of a new generation by embarking on an English-speaking walking tour of Delhi organized by the Salaam Baalak Trust

This NGO supports the city’s street children and gives them access to opportunities to help achieve their dreams. Working and street children in India are at constant risk of crime, exploitation and falling into poverty. Salaam Baalak provide safe centers for vulnerable kids across the city where they can receive essential services such as medical care, education and food and clothing supplies.

We recommend to our guests visiting Delhi that they support the organization by booking one of the organization’s City Walk tours. They’re led by the children themselves, who have been formally trained as local guides. You’ll get to visit corners of the capital that aren’t usually seen on regular tours and receive first-hand insight into the city’s contemporary culture. 

Experience authentic Tanzanian culture at the Africa Amini Maasai Lodge 

If Tanzania has long been on your travel bucket list, why not plan a safari experience there with Enchanting Travels? One of the many ways you can make your stay more responsible is to book a few nights in the Africa Amini Maasai Lodge.

This incredible property is located in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and run by Africa Amini Alama. The 16 lodges resemble traditional Maasai dwellings, complete with straw roofs and earth walls, yet they also all feature plenty of modern creature comforts. Most of the staff at the lodge are Maasai, too, and you’ll be able to embark on a range of remarkable activity options which will give you first-hand experience of their culture and traditions. 

As well as providing jobs for members of the local community, the money generated from bookings at the lodge goes towards a range of inspiring projects in the surrounding area. This includes educational and medical programs, in addition to vital wildlife conservation. 

Overall, this exceptional accommodation experience allows you to stay in a truly stunning property, while simultaneously giving back to important community projects.

Top 5 Trees to Gather Around
Africa Amini Alama

Connect with a local farming family in Kerala, India

The picturesque Kerala region is one of the most popular and naturally beautiful destinations we send our guests to in South India. In addition to enjoying its epic landscapes on organized tours and excursions, you could also embrace responsible travel with a stay at Phillipkuttys Farm

The property in the backwaters of Kerala consists of seven thoughtfully designed villas. They’re spread out on a working farm located on an island in serene Lake Vembanad. You’ll be hosted by the farm’s friendly owner and his family who are on hand to take you on tours of the farm, cook you mouth-watering Keralan dishes or even just to have a chat over a steaming cup of chai!

The open-plan villas have all been individually designed and are entirely private from both each other and the host family’s home. Soak up peaceful vistas of the water from your verandah and admire traditional furnishings which have all been individually chosen to give the villas a homey feel. 

There is also a whole program of activities on offer for guests at Phillipkuttys Farm, including private yoga classes, bike rides to nearby villages and sunset cruises on the farm’s wooden canal boat. 

Top 5 Trees to Gather Around
Kerala’s tea farms

Dive deep into the culture of Laos in Luang Prabang

Laos is a country whose culture remains a mystery to many. Consider rectifying that with a visit to the nation’s most regal city, Luang Prabang

Tucked away on the northern fringes of Laos, the entire metropolis boasts UNESCO World Heritage status. It was the country’s royal capital for thousands of years until 1975 and now consequently offers visitors a melting pot of architectural styles and beautiful landmarks to explore. 

Instead of simply spending a few days touring Luang Prabang’s peaceful Buddhist temples and magnificent Royal Palace, why not embrace its distinctive culture with a few responsible travel experiences? 

Get involved with the early morning alms giving led by the city’s local monks or set off on an elephant trek through the Huay Sae Valley with the Shangri-Lao Explorer Camp. The camp based just outside Luang Prabang provides responsible treks which begin with feeding the elephants and chatting to a local veterinarian about their health and well-being.

Another brilliant activity to add to your itinerary in Luang Prabang is volunteering with the Big Brother Mouse initiative. The selfless organization creates, publishes and hands out educational books to the most deprived schools in the area. Spend a morning selecting books to be donated and delivering to schools in need.

Ready to dive deeper on your next journey? Simply tell us your dream destination and we’ll show you ways you can connect with its local people and culture. 

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Top Milestone Birthday Trips

A big birthday – whether that’s big in its number or simply in its significance – is always a cause for celebration.

It’s possible the COVID-19 pandemic may have prevented you from embarking on your dream milestone birthday trip last year. Why not make up for the lost time (or birthdays in this case!) by marking this year’s big day with a once-in-a-lifetime trip with Enchanting Travels?

As well as putting together a fantastic personalized itinerary for the duration of your holiday, our Trip Coordinators always aim to go above and beyond to make any birthday trip feel extra special and unquestionably memorable. 

“It was my guest’s son’s 5th birthday and he really wanted to do something special. As a surprise, we decorated his bus with balloons. We also decorated his room with balloons, flowers and cake. I still remember the smile in the photograph of his special day!”

– Shivangi, Trip Coordinator for Asia

Whether you’ve always wanted to go on a sunrise safari or you’re craving some sand, sea and serenity, we’ve put together a list of some of the best birthday destinations around the world below.

Best birthday destinations for…

Relaxation and rejuvenation: the Maldives

The magical Maldives has long been one of the most idyllic locations for a beach getaway. It’s one of our best birthday destinations for those after luxury, too, with the country’s over-water villas providing the perfect backdrop for a special occasion. 

Book a milestone birthday trip to Fushifaru, a private island with just a handful of luxurious villas scattered along its shores. Indulge in treatments at the spa, dine on gourmet global gastronomy at one of two restaurants, and enjoy snorkeling or dive trips to nearby Fushifaru Thila – a reef teeming with all sorts of amazing marine life. 

Alternatively, the Six Senses on Laamu island offers the quintessential Maldivian over-water villa experience. The only resort on the palm-fringed island, it’s a haven for those eager to escape from reality and admire the stunning scenery of the Indian Ocean. 

As well as powder-soft sand beaches and luxuriously decorated accommodation, you’ll have the chance to add all sorts of incredible activities to your Maldives itinerary. Sunset dolphin cruises, private dining on deserted beaches and outdoor cinema screenings are just some of the ways you can make your getaway a little bit more special. You could also take part in fantastic cultural excursions to nearby communities or book a local cooking class with the resort’s highly qualified chefs. 

History and heavenly views: Agra, India

A true jewel of Northern India, the grand Taj Mahal is undoubtedly one of the world’s most visited attractions. If you’ve always wanted to see this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site in person, a trip to Agra should definitely be on the list for your next milestone birthday.

Due to the popularity of the ornate complex, visiting can often be an overwhelming experience. After you’ve navigated the crowds and spent some time soaking up every inch of its beauty, you might be craving a little time to rest and reflect. The Oberoi Amarvilas ticks both of those boxes. 

The five-star resort is one of the most extraordinary places to stay in the area, with architecture that mirrors the Mughal palaces of the surrounding city. The Oberoi Amarvilas – one of several luxurious hotels run by the Oberoi group – is also less than a kilometer from the Taj Mahal and offers unbeatable views of the monument from every single one of its plush rooms and suites.

Beyond its outstanding outlook, the luxurious hotel boasts beautifully landscaped grounds, a selection of gourmet restaurants and a spa. Hospitality at The Oberoi Amarvilas is of the highest caliber; expect to be treated like royalty throughout your stay, especially on your birthday itself.

Wonderful wildlife: the Serengeti, Tanzania

There are many places across Africa where you can witness some of the most amazing animals on Earth in their natural habitats. The Serengeti National Park – which spans northern Tanzania – is undoubtedly one of the best birthday destinations for both first-time and experienced safari-goers.

Instead of spotting the Big Five and dozens of other extraordinary species from a jeep or on foot during a bush walk, why not make mesmerizing memories during a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti? Take to the skies at sunrise and enjoy uninterrupted views of thousands of animals – from elephants to gazelles – strolling across the plains and coming together to drink at watering holes. 

As well as bird’s eye views of the wildlife, your balloon pilot will act as a guide and provide fascinating information about both sky safaris and what you can expect to see. Hot air balloon safaris are available in the Serengeti throughout the year, too, meaning you can book this magnificent excursion regardless of what month your birthday falls in. 

Action and adventure: Antarctica 

It’s really no surprise that the seventh continent is on many people’s bucket lists! And what better time to tick off Antarctica than a milestone birthday?

Book a cruise to Antarctica and get ready for an out-of-this-world experience where every day is as exciting and adventurous as the one before. You’ll get to soak up the region’s epic landscapes as you arrive by sea from Argentina, in addition to on foot during a series of exceptional daily outings.

Visit important research stations, glimpse whales frolicking in the ice-cold waters of the Antarctic Sea, and hike across dramatic landscapes to spot hundreds of penguins nesting. There are also opportunities to hear from Antarctic wildlife experts. You can choose to add other bespoke activities, like camping on the ice, to your itinerary to make it even more worthy of a big birthday celebration.

Enchanting Travels Antarctica Tours Penguins

A kaleidoscope of culture: Sri Lanka

If you love your holidays to be as diverse and culture-packed as possible, Sri Lanka is a must-see destination. The island just south of India has seemingly endless attractions and activity options, making it ideal for those of you who have a wide range of likes and interests.

Sri Lanka’s coastline is fringed with beautiful beaches, from the gorgeous shores of Galle in the south to the relatively untouched islands of the Kalpitiya archipelago in the north. You could also choose to head inland to the country’s tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya, ride a vintage train through the Ella hills or stay in a sensational hotel in the lush mountains surrounding the ancient city of Kandy.

Animal lovers are additionally accounted for thanks to places like Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park which provide sanctuary for elephants, leopards, crocodiles and numerous native birds. Why not talk to our experts about planning a tailored milestone birthday trip to Sri Lanka that includes enchanting excursions, gastronomical experiences and exceptional accommodation options? 

Dramatic landscapes: the Galapagos Islands

The far-flung Galapagos Islands are another wonderful destination where you can expect to enjoy some truly life-changing experiences. 

The group of volcanic islands is nestled off Ecuador’s Pacific coast and is well-known for providing habitats for numerous astonishing animals and marine life. The region – which has UNESCO status – was first made famous by Charles Darwin nearly two centuries ago and its wildernesses remain almost as untouched today as they did when he first stepped foot on them in 1835.

You can’t book milestone birthday trips to the Galapagos without exploring the Parque Nacional Galápagos. The national park is fringed by crystal clear ocean waters which harbor huge marine iguanas, sharks and sea lions. On the shores, you might be lucky enough to spot turtles and penguins gliding across the sand. Bird-watchers will also be in paradise, with blue-footed boobies, albatross and frigates all calling the region home. 

The best time to visit the Galapagos Islands is between May and December, although you’ll still be able to enjoy most of its glorious landscapes and wildlife if your birthday falls outside these months. 

Eco-friendly luxury: Patagonia, Chile 

Undulating hills, glistening glaciers and vast lakes which can only be navigated by kayak or canoe await in Patagonia. The region, which straddles both Chile and Argentina, is a paradise for nature fanatics and easily one of the most remarkable regions for a milestone birthday trip.

Patagonia’s eco-friendliness also makes it a magnet for those who would like to be more sustainable in their travel experiences. There’s a wide range of eco-lodges to base yourselves in across the region, including the incredibly peaceful Explora Patagonia. The sustainable hotel sits within the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and it’s one of the most peaceful places to stay in Patagonia. 

Explora Eco-Lodge

Spend your days exploring the surrounding reserve’s 2000 square kilometers of majestic landscapes via a range of personalized activity options. Among Explora Patagonia’s excursion offerings are guided horse treks through the park’s grasslands, hikes to epic viewpoints and bird-watching tours with local experts. 

Once the sun goes down, it’ll be time to relax in Explora’s plush yet sustainably designed suites which maximize the area’s natural beauty through large windows featuring breathtaking views. A lack of technology (besides the essentials, of course) allows you to switch off from the world and totally immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the picture-perfect Patagonia region…

Tell us what you REALLY want for your birthday and we’ll make it happen. Get in touch today to plan your perfect trip.

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Real Greece Travel: See Our Insider Experiences

Gorgeous islands, outstanding cuisine and a plethora of historic sites await when you travel to Greece. It’s one of our most popular European destinations to visit thanks to its sheer diversity, immensely rich culture and an endless list of incredible highlights.  

Ticking off major monuments will undoubtedly be on your agenda when you book Greece travel. If you want to dive a little further into the culture and history of the country, though, why not consider adding a few more meaningful experiences to your itinerary? From dining in a local’s home to joining terrific walking tours led by highly knowledgeable guides, we have a whole range of memorable insider experiences for you to look forward to during a tailored Greek holiday. 

While the best time to visit Greece for warm weather and endless sunshine is typically between May and September, you’ll be able to enjoy the following Enchanting Travels experiences all year round:

Combine a Plaka walking tour with a traditional cooking lesson in Athens

If you’ve visited Athens before, or have simply read a lot about the ancient city, you’ll know Plaka is its picture-perfect old quarter. Taking a walking tour of the area with a local is a fantastic way to get to grips with the Greek capital’s culture and how it has evolved over time. 

Stroll leisurely through the old town, stopping off at specific points to discuss how the city has been influenced by centuries of intriguing history. You’ll finish up your Plaka tour with a local cookery class which will see you creating tantalizing dishes specific to both Athens and the surrounding region. 

Alternatively, why not leave the cooking to the experts by accepting a private invitation to dine at a local’s home instead? Experience true Athenian living while indulging in delicious home-cooked Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Discover where all the ingredients in your meal came from and lose yourself in great conversation with your friendly hosts.

Greece travel in Athens
Wander through the old town in Athens

Learn how to make delicious pies in Galaxidi

Pretty Galaxidi is a sun-drenched fishing town tucked away on the Greek mainland, not far from Delphi. Up until the 1960s, it was only accessible by boat and that is still the most spectacular way to approach it today!

As well as relishing its idyllic vibe and admiring spectacular views of the Gulf of Corinth along the town’s wonderful promenade, a visit to Galaxidi gives you access to one of our favorite Greek travel insider experiences – a private pie-making lesson with a welcoming local woman.

The host for this activity is incredibly hospitable and always goes the extra mile to make the culinary activity as fun and informative as possible! In addition to leaving with some tasty homemade pies, you’ll gain great knowledge of all the locally sourced ingredients used to make them.

Top 5 Trees to Gather Around
Explore Galaxidi after your cooking lesson.

Enjoy a Cretan cooking lesson in a traditional olive mill

The island of Crete is well-known for both its stunning olive groves and its unique local gastronomy. Why not combine them next time you travel to Greece with this memorable activity? 

Journey in a private car to an 18th-century olive mill on the outskirts of Chania where you’ll be greeted by a local chef. They’ll then host an amazing cooking lesson where you’ll learn all the secrets of Cretan cuisine…

Cook with fresh, seasonal produce and create mouth-watering dishes infused with various Greek herbs and, of course, Cretan olive oil! You’ll be able to ask your host plenty of questions about the island’s food before sitting down to dine on the fruits of your labor. With a view across the olive groves, snack on freshly baked bread, sip on rich local wine and tuck into dishes that exemplify the island’s world-famous Mediterranean gastronomy. 

After some delicious food and stimulating conversation, you’ll be whisked back to your hotel with a full belly and some brilliant new recipes to recreate once you get home.

Top 5 Trees to Gather Around
Dine in Chania’s cozy taverns.

Discover the secrets of Cretan culture on a tour of Anatoli

If you’re staying on Crete’s east coast near the beautiful resort town of Elounda, this activity couldn’t be more ideal. It’ll see you venturing up into the hills (600 meters up, to be precise!) to the charming village of Anatoli. 

Anatoli’s sleepy atmosphere and traditional architecture make it appear permanently suspended in time. What’s more, its lofty location affords it stunning vistas of the sea, sky and splendid Cretan scenery. After you’re done soaking up the views, embark on a tour that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. 

See how local herbs are harvested and used, visit a local beekeeper, and taste some of the fragrant olive oil that’s produced in the area. Rather than focusing on one activity, this remarkable Greece travel tour lets you enjoy various aspects of Cretan culture, which you’ll no doubt remember for years to come.

Top 5 Trees to Gather Around
Travel to Greece and visit Elondra’s colorful harbor.

Greece travel highlight: Dine at a local home in Olympia

Olympia is one of the major highlights of travel to Greece’s mainland thanks to its legendary ruins. It’s not just the town’s nearby ancient archaeological site that should be on your agenda, though.

The Peloponnese region which envelopes Olympia is very fertile and produces a decent proportion of Greece’s fresh produce. Tempt your tastebuds with some of those ingredients by having dinner with one of the town’s locals in their beautiful – and very traditional – Greek home. 

During the exceptional evening, you’ll have a chance to learn about your hosts’ fascinating lifestyles, gain interesting facts about the local produce and treat yourself to some flavor-packed dishes.

Greece travel food experiences
A selection of Greek mezze platters.

If you’re nervous about planning Greece travel just after the COVID-19 pandemic, rest assured that our team will always be on hand to ensure your trip is well-organized, easily adaptable and above all, safe. Why not read our guest story about traveling around Europe during coronavirus to see how we were able to organize a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Portugal and Greece?

Dreaming of luxury travel to Greece? Let us help you make your trip even more meaningful and memorable. 

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COVID-19 Travel Tips from Around the World

With team members spread around the globe, we have the most up-to-date information on what COVID-19 safe travel looks like in all our destinations. So if you’re ready to travel, hear from our experts as they share their COVID-19 travel tips for destinations around the world. If you have any questions about a dream destination or want more tips, just reach out to our expert team who will be happy to help you out.

Toronto, Canada

“Autumn has quickly hit Toronto! It’s the perfect time to enjoy a bike ride on the Toronto Islands or see the beautiful trees change color north of the city from the CN tower. Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, and Sporting Events are all open (with capacity and social distancing limits). Masks are required and proof of full vaccination is required for entry to most businesses other than essential services (Hospital, Pharmacy, Grocery).

Self-drivers will be able to enjoy many fall harvest activities like apple picking, pumpkin patches, farmers markets, and maybe a local Fall Fair in one of the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) smaller cities. While the city-stayers can also experience seasonal local beer brews, and fall food delights at a number of local hotspots Downtown.”

-Kris McKenna, Toronto, Canada

London, UK

“In the UK with over 80% of the population fully vaccinated, we are welcoming travelers with open arms here with very few travel restrictions. Restaurants and theatres are buzzing and indoor mask wearing is no longer mandatory in most public areas, the only exception for this is the London tube system. The UK is a safe and varied destination for travel with picturesque attractions such as the Lake District, a historical city break in London or exploring the sandstone colored villages of the Cotswolds.”

-Thidara Udomritkul, London, UK


Italy is welcoming visitors and it’s a great time to travel. Crowds are moderately low and everything is open. Masks are required at all times indoors unless eating or drinking, whether you are vaccinated or not. It is required to show a Green Pass or COVID-19 certificate to enter some restaurants (for indoor dining), museums, and other popular tourist attractions that are indoors.

Note: I saw two tourists get turned away from entering the Blue Grotto in Capri because they didn’t have their COVID-19 certificates. Restaurant reservations are highly recommended unless you are flexible on where you eat and the time you eat. Some stores are strict on capacities and will limit the number of people entering at a time.”

-Shannon McAfee, visited Italy in October 2021


Greece is completely open and largely functioning as normal. We visited Athens and three islands and had a great experience everywhere we went. Masks are required in any indoor space including taxis, ferries, shops, and while entering indoor restaurants. We mostly ate outside and felt very safe as all service staff were wearing masks at all times. Hand sanitizer was everywhere and the locals seemed to take it pretty seriously for the most part. We did a boat tour on each of the three islands and on one of them were asked to wear masks until we got a bit further away from the Coast Guard ship nearby. This was a bit strange considering we were outside but no big deal. Our vaccination cards were checked getting on each ferry but were not asked for at any other point on the trip (even though I believe the current laws require bars/restaurants to check it).”

-Bo Crew, visited Greece in September 2021


“Tourist overnight stays, restaurant visits and leisure activities are currently possible throughout Germany. In enclosed areas open to the public, everyone is required to wear a mask. When checking into accommodation, proof of vaccination or recovery must be presented; alternatively, a negative COVID-19 test can be shown (rapid antigen test, maximum 24 hours old, or PCR test, maximum 48 hours old). Those who are not vaccinated or recovered will need to produce a negative test twice a week for the duration of their stay. This so-called 3G rule also applies to indoor dining. In some states the 2G rule applies: Here, access will be granted exclusively to vaccinated and recovered visitors. In restaurants, museums and other attractions, visitors will have to leave their contact information. Pre-registration is often required to visit particularly popular attractions, and these must be visited within a certain time window.” 

-Christian Jankowski, Berlin, Germany


“Traveling to Kenya during the pandemic is quite easy.  No countries are on a quarantine list, meaning that travelers don’t have to self-isolate on arrival, regardless of originating or transiting country. COVID-19 safety protocols have been meticulously implemented and visitors can feel safe whilst in the country. Masks are required in all public spaces. The flora and fauna of the country has flourished over the past few months when the world was at a stand still and is now more beautiful than ever before! Welcome to Magical Kenya!

– Vincentoes Osumba, Nairobi, Kenya

Mexico City, Mexico

Bienvenidos a Ciudad de Mexico! One of the best things about this bustling city are the museums and cultural sites, the great news is that many can be visited without pre-booking such as the outstanding Anthropology Museum, the colorful Museum of Popular Art, the epic archaeological site of Teotihuacan and the very impressive Basílica de Guadalupe. Restaurants, bars and the many, many taco stands are also open to ensure that the famous flavors of this city can be enjoyed!  Masks are required to be worn inside public spaces and most locals and tourists also wear them outside, although this does provide the opportunity to buy a local mask which unsurprisingly showcases the bright color and unique culture of Mexico.

-Lisa Fox, Mexico City

Costa Rica

“Costa Rica is an excellent destination for travel in 2022. I traveled there with three children and it felt very easy and safe. There was some additional COVID-19 paperwork to enter the country but it was easy to complete digitally. Masks are required in public areas, national parks and to enter restaurants. Restaurants were open everywhere, and there are a lot of open-air choices which is great for small children who aren’t vaccinated yet. Almost every establishment had additional handwashing access or hand sanitizer.

We did miss out on a national park stop because we didn’t make a reservation in time. That’s definitely a bonus for working with a travel partner- they can be on top of arrangements like that while you’re splashing in the waves. Starting in 2022 proof of vaccination will be required to enter museums, national parks and some restaurants. The San Jose airport has 1-hour rapid COVID-19 testing available 24 hours a day, which made our exit from the country easy as well.

-Lucia Novara, visited Costa Rica in October 2021

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