Road Tripping in Jamaica

Have you ever heard the song entitled, Island in The Sun, by Harry Belafonte? That’s the song that comes to mind each time I thought about writing this article. It could be because the song is associated with the Island. Either way I do agree that it is indeed an Island in the sun filled with lush vegetation and beautiful white sand beaches and the home of the delicious Blue Mountain Coffee.

Boat parked on Negril’s 7 mile Beach

This small Island lays just below Cuba and west of Haiti surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Though it’s well known for the sun, beaches, and jerk chicken and jerk pork, Jamaica does have a lot more to offer.

One of the best ways to discover any country, city or neighborhood is by taking a road trip and more so a road trip off the hidden path. Taking a Road trip around Jamaica opens you up to new places, hidden gems, some hidden as far away as the mountains. For example, the Bath Fountain located in the Parish of St. Thomas. Here you can bathe in the natural hot spring water that is said to have healing abilities and or enjoy a nice massage by the springs from one of the local masseuse. Once you are done there, you can visit the nearby botanical garden.

Also in St. Thomas off the hidden path of Morant Bay you can discover Reggae Falls, a man made falls but a beautiful attraction nonetheless.

You will notice that as you ride along the narrow roads of Jamaica, through St. Thomas that you cannot help but be distracted by the savory smell of jerk chicken that permeates the atmosphere from the StreetSide vendors, 
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