Top Seven Experiences in Chile & Argentina

South America never fails to amaze with its dramatic landscapes and fascinating cultures. Patagonia is on many people’s travel bucket lists, so why not experience it with a trip to Argentina and Chile during the 2022/2023 season?

Both nations give you access to numerous natural wonders within Patagonia’s nine national parks, in addition to an array of once-in-a-lifetime activities and intriguing attractions. From trekking through the Argentinian jungle to cruising through the breathtaking Chilean fjords, there are so many incredible experiences to add to your itinerary! Top that all off with a stay in a Patagonian eco-lodge and you have the recipe for the perfect vacation. Our Chile and Argentina tour allows you to enjoy the best of both beautiful nations. You could also choose to personalize your trip with some of the following extraordinary experiences.


1Glimpse the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier up close

The breathtaking Perito Morena Glacier near El Calafate forms part of Patagonia’s Los Glaciares National Park. Consisting of a huge slab of ice that seems to stretch on for miles in every direction, it’s an ideal location for those searching for total serenity and stunning vistas.

Plan Argentina travel in 2022 and book a private tour to this peaceful locale. As well as trekking to various viewpoints to gaze out across the glistening ice, you could embark on a mountain biking expedition, go bird-watching with a local guide or venture into the wilderness after dark to stare up at the stars scattered across the clear night’s sky.

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2Tick off one of the seven natural wonders of the world at Iguazu Falls

You’ll find this spectacular site on Argentina’s border with Brazil. The Iguazu Falls, which are easily reached from Puerto Iguazu, were recently named one of the seven natural wonders of the world and you’ll be able to see why when you add them to your Argentina vacation itinerary. 

Getting up close to these tumbling cascades – which make up the largest waterfall system on the planet – is simple thanks to several marked trails and walkways. Wind your way through the lush vegetation of the surrounding national park on the lower trail until you reach the bottom of the waterfall. Alternatively, the upper circuit gives you a more elevated perspective. 

You could also hike to the Devil’s Throat Falls. It’s the most famous section of the Iguazu Falls and where you’ll be able to stand right next to the cascades. Feel the spray on your face and hear the thunder of the water as it hammers down the rockface in a huge curtain. 

Want to go one step further? Prepare for an adrenaline rush while rafting along the Iguazu River. As well as floating downstream and soaking up native flora and fauna along the river’s banks, you might spot a few creatures like alligators and monkeys lurking in the undergrowth.

3Spot Southern Right Whales in the Atlantic Ocean off Puerto Madryn

Hop over to the coast during Argentina travel in 2022 and you might just glimpse Southern Right Whales.

Puerto Madryn lies on the country’s central east coastline and it’s a gateway to Atlantic Patagonia. Set sail across the deep blue sea on a boat tour led by a knowledgeable local guide. Witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats before venturing to Península de Valdés to spot other unusual marine life. 

If you can’t get enough of amazing animal encounters, you can also book a half-day kayaking tour around the same stretch of the Patagonian coastline. Keep your eyes peeled for colonies of majestic sea lions and flocks of squawking seabirds flying overhead.

Top 5 Trees to Gather Around


4Escape to Easter Island 

Easter Island – with its enchanting ancient sculptures and wild outlook across the Atlantic Ocean – is a must-see if you’re considering Chile travel in 2022. 

The island’s iconic statues are its main attraction. Known as Moai, the monolithic figures were carved over 500 years ago by the local Rapa Nui people. The largest collection sits within the UNESCO World Heritage Rapa Nui National Park, but you’ll also spot them scattered all along the island’s rugged coastline. 

Elsewhere, Easter Island’s volcanic landscapes and lush meadows provide the perfect backdrops for hikes. Finish up your visit to this far-flung corner of Chile with a day relaxing on pristine beaches like white-sand Anakena or tiny yet tranquil Ovahe, both of which are found on the north coast. 

5Marvel ancient petroglyphs and the colorful beauty of Rainbow Valley 

Journey deep into the arid Atacama – one of the best desert destinations on the planet for stargazing – to glimpse the perfectly preserved Hierbas Buenas petroglyphs

Base yourself in San Pedro de Atacama and enjoy an excursion to this under-the-radar attraction. These ancient carvings were created thousands of years ago and are a vital part of the region’s heritage. Look out for depictions of native animals like the llama, as well as symbols and shapes sacred to the indigenous Atacameño population. 

You can also explore Rainbow Valley in this region. The area’s rich mineral content has created a kaleidoscope of color across its undulating hills. Rich red, bright white, deep green and bold yellow hues contrast against a clear blue sky, providing the perfect backdrop for stunning pictures.

Blick auf die Milchstraße im Himmel

6Admire the Chilean fjords during a Puerto Natales cruise

Chile’s fantastic fjords rival those found in Scandinavia. The tranquil region on the country’s south coast is blessed with an array of rich landscapes which offer visitors utter solitude and epic vistas of the Pacific Ocean. 

One of the best ways to experience this stunning area is on a cruise. Set off from Puerto Natales and spend three nights on board the luxurious Skorpios III. During your three-day journey through the Patagonian fjords, you’ll trek to viewpoints on the Amalia Glacier and get up close to a string of spectacular fjords and idyllic frozen islands.

Why not combine a journey down the fjords with various other exciting excursions – including a trip to Easter Island – with our Best of Chile tour?

7Embrace your inner adventurer with action-packed excursions in Pucón 

The Pucón region has plenty of allures for adventure-seekers and is a prime destination to visit during Chile travel in 2022. It’s located in the country’s Central Lake District and features national parks, thermal springs and quaint villages with fascinating, long-standing cultural traditions. 

As well as visiting National Park Huerquehue to trek through lush flora and fauna, you’ll have the chance to add several exhilarating activities to your itinerary. Fish in lakes abundant with wildlife, raft down tumbling rapids, go horseback riding through enchanting woodland or swim in blissful, freshwater lagoons.

Pucón is additionally an excellent destination to learn about rural Chilean culture. Our Pucón tour gives you the chance to interact with the area’s local Mapuche community and learn all about their peaceful way of life. 

Experience the best Chile and Argentina have to offer. Chat with our experts about each country’s highlights before booking your South American adventure.

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