COVID-19 Travel Tips from Around the World

With team members spread around the globe, we have the most up-to-date information on what COVID-19 safe travel looks like in all our destinations. So if you’re ready to travel, hear from our experts as they share their COVID-19 travel tips for destinations around the world. If you have any questions about a dream destination or want more tips, just reach out to our expert team who will be happy to help you out.

Toronto, Canada

“Autumn has quickly hit Toronto! It’s the perfect time to enjoy a bike ride on the Toronto Islands or see the beautiful trees change color north of the city from the CN tower. Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, and Sporting Events are all open (with capacity and social distancing limits). Masks are required and proof of full vaccination is required for entry to most businesses other than essential services (Hospital, Pharmacy, Grocery).

Self-drivers will be able to enjoy many fall harvest activities like apple picking, pumpkin patches, farmers markets, and maybe a local Fall Fair in one of the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) smaller cities. While the city-stayers can also experience seasonal local beer brews, and fall food delights at a number of local hotspots Downtown.”

-Kris McKenna, Toronto, Canada

London, UK

“In the UK with over 80% of the population fully vaccinated, we are welcoming travelers with open arms here with very few travel restrictions. Restaurants and theatres are buzzing and indoor mask wearing is no longer mandatory in most public areas, the only exception for this is the London tube system. The UK is a safe and varied destination for travel with picturesque attractions such as the Lake District, a historical city break in London or exploring the sandstone colored villages of the Cotswolds.”

-Thidara Udomritkul, London, UK


Italy is welcoming visitors and it’s a great time to travel. Crowds are moderately low and everything is open. Masks are required at all times indoors unless eating or drinking, whether you are vaccinated or not. It is required to show a Green Pass or COVID-19 certificate to enter some restaurants (for indoor dining), museums, and other popular tourist attractions that are indoors.

Note: I saw two tourists get turned away from entering the Blue Grotto in Capri because they didn’t have their COVID-19 certificates. Restaurant reservations are highly recommended unless you are flexible on where you eat and the time you eat. Some stores are strict on capacities and will limit the number of people entering at a time.”

-Shannon McAfee, visited Italy in October 2021


Greece is completely open and largely functioning as normal. We visited Athens and three islands and had a great experience everywhere we went. Masks are required in any indoor space including taxis, ferries, shops, and while entering indoor restaurants. We mostly ate outside and felt very safe as all service staff were wearing masks at all times. Hand sanitizer was everywhere and the locals seemed to take it pretty seriously for the most part. We did a boat tour on each of the three islands and on one of them were asked to wear masks until we got a bit further away from the Coast Guard ship nearby. This was a bit strange considering we were outside but no big deal. Our vaccination cards were checked getting on each ferry but were not asked for at any other point on the trip (even though I believe the current laws require bars/restaurants to check it).”

-Bo Crew, visited Greece in September 2021


“Tourist overnight stays, restaurant visits and leisure activities are currently possible throughout Germany. In enclosed areas open to the public, everyone is required to wear a mask. When checking into accommodation, proof of vaccination or recovery must be presented; alternatively, a negative COVID-19 test can be shown (rapid antigen test, maximum 24 hours old, or PCR test, maximum 48 hours old). Those who are not vaccinated or recovered will need to produce a negative test twice a week for the duration of their stay. This so-called 3G rule also applies to indoor dining. In some states the 2G rule applies: Here, access will be granted exclusively to vaccinated and recovered visitors. In restaurants, museums and other attractions, visitors will have to leave their contact information. Pre-registration is often required to visit particularly popular attractions, and these must be visited within a certain time window.” 

-Christian Jankowski, Berlin, Germany


“Traveling to Kenya during the pandemic is quite easy.  No countries are on a quarantine list, meaning that travelers don’t have to self-isolate on arrival, regardless of originating or transiting country. COVID-19 safety protocols have been meticulously implemented and visitors can feel safe whilst in the country. Masks are required in all public spaces. The flora and fauna of the country has flourished over the past few months when the world was at a stand still and is now more beautiful than ever before! Welcome to Magical Kenya!

– Vincentoes Osumba, Nairobi, Kenya

Mexico City, Mexico

Bienvenidos a Ciudad de Mexico! One of the best things about this bustling city are the museums and cultural sites, the great news is that many can be visited without pre-booking such as the outstanding Anthropology Museum, the colorful Museum of Popular Art, the epic archaeological site of Teotihuacan and the very impressive Basílica de Guadalupe. Restaurants, bars and the many, many taco stands are also open to ensure that the famous flavors of this city can be enjoyed!  Masks are required to be worn inside public spaces and most locals and tourists also wear them outside, although this does provide the opportunity to buy a local mask which unsurprisingly showcases the bright color and unique culture of Mexico.

-Lisa Fox, Mexico City

Costa Rica

“Costa Rica is an excellent destination for travel in 2022. I traveled there with three children and it felt very easy and safe. There was some additional COVID-19 paperwork to enter the country but it was easy to complete digitally. Masks are required in public areas, national parks and to enter restaurants. Restaurants were open everywhere, and there are a lot of open-air choices which is great for small children who aren’t vaccinated yet. Almost every establishment had additional handwashing access or hand sanitizer.

We did miss out on a national park stop because we didn’t make a reservation in time. That’s definitely a bonus for working with a travel partner- they can be on top of arrangements like that while you’re splashing in the waves. Starting in 2022 proof of vaccination will be required to enter museums, national parks and some restaurants. The San Jose airport has 1-hour rapid COVID-19 testing available 24 hours a day, which made our exit from the country easy as well.

-Lucia Novara, visited Costa Rica in October 2021

If you’re desperate for a getaway, speak to our team who can share even more COVID-19 travel tips to ensure you have a safe and relaxing trip.

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