COVID-19 Travel: Closer to Home, A World Away

It’s undeniably been a strange time for travel this past year. With COVID-19 still present, many of you may be a little hesitant to venture too far abroad. 

Thankfully, there are lots of incredible locations just a quick journey away which you can visit safely for a much-needed change of scene. In fact, many of our guests have already traveled during COVID-19 and enjoyed some truly life-changing experiences!

COVID-19 travel is made easy when you choose destinations with shorter journey times and fewer crowds. From breathtaking national parks unchanged by the modern world to places famed for their vibrant cultures and age-old traditions, why not plan other-worldly experiences in the following locations a little closer to home?


Diverse and dramatic landscapes hiding wondrous wildlife and ancient indigenous communities make Alaska an ideal option for COVID-19 safe travel. 

The region’s vast wildernesses allow you to steer clear of the crowds and spend the majority of your trip in the great outdoors. Enjoy a week hiking in the immense Denali National Park – home to the highest peak in North America – or glimpse grizzly bears amongst the tall trees of Glacier Bay National Park.

Alaska’s coastlines are a haven for animal fanatics, too. Untouched beaches give way to Pacific Ocean waters teeming with seals, whales and sea lions, particularly around the scenic Kenai Peninsula. Anchorage is also a must-see during COVID-19 travel to Alaska. Despite its status as a city, it’s far from crowded. Taste the eclectic local cuisine and stop off at the Alaska Native Heritage Center where you can learn all about the area’s fascinating indigenous groups. 

Grizzly Bear of Shores of Alaska.
Glimpse grizzly bears in Alaska’s wilderness


Mexico may be home to one of the largest, most bustling cities in Central America, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great location for COVID-19 safe travel! 

Avoid the big cities and beach resorts and make for lesser-known locales. Experience the tranquillity of Palenque, an ancient Mayan city set within the Chiapas jungle that boasts UNESCO World Heritage status. Those after sun and sea should consider a trip to Punta Mita. The private peninsula is perfect for COVID-19 travel, with high-end hotels and quiet beaches creating a paradise for R&R. 

Many of Mexico’s colorful colonial cities are also ideal for soaking up some of the country’s eclectic culture. Oaxaca is a melting pot of traditions and tantalizing cuisine. What’s more, it has a distinctive local identity which can be explored at its various arts and crafts markets, as well as its amazing restaurants. Alternatively, peaceful San Miguel de Allende in the highlands of Central Mexico is a magnet for culture-seekers and those excited to soak in the area’s natural thermal springs.


Most visit Hawaii for its luxurious beach resorts. Nevertheless, there’s far more to this North American oasis than its soft sand shores!

Embrace Hawaii’s welcoming culture with a visit to Oahu Island. As well as being home to the capital, Honolulu, you’ll also discover wonderful hiking trails and fantastic museums where you can learn more about the islands’ intriguing pasts. Oahu also hosts the Polynesian Cultural Centre where you can learn about local ways of life. Prefer a more hands-on cultural experience? Take a trip to a local village to meet indigenous communities and sample the deliciously fresh Hawaiian cuisine.

If you’d rather go off the beaten path, Maui and Kauai are wonderful picks. The latter is blanketed in virgin forest and is a true playground for outdoor adventure seekers. Take a canoe trip through the verdant Wailua River valley or laze around on deserted beaches along the Napali Coast. Maui is a haven for snorkelers thanks to its amazing reefs. You’ll also be able to see a different side of Hawaiian culture in Upcountry Maui. Meet real-life Hawaiian cowboys and admire exquisite artwork in charming Makawao!

Explore Kauai’s breathtaking coastline.

Costa Rica

If you’re searching for a nearby country that’s particularly great for sustainable trips, there are few better places than Costa Rica. The Central American nation is not too far to journey to for a week or so of once-in-a-lifetime adventures – and the options are truly endless!

Head deep into one of Costa Rica’s protected forests, such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Ecological Reserve, where you’ll have numerous hiking trails to explore and a choice of luxury eco-lodges to stay in. The country also boasts two spectacular coastlines where you can enjoy balmy weather conditions and all manner of marine life. The Tortuguero region is particularly stunning and its sandy coves are the nesting grounds of graceful giant sea turtles. 

Those who want to keep their distance from their fellow travelers might prefer a holiday to one of Costa Rica’s quieter locales. The dreamy Osa Peninsula is great for beach lovers who like to feel like the only people on Earth, while the charming town of Bajos del Toro lets you immerse yourself in the authentic rural traditions of the country. 

Costa Rica Trip - Waterfalls
Hike through protected ecological reserves


Embrace lakeside living or tick off some of the country’s 48 epic National Parks with a COVID-19-safe trip to Canada. Jaw-dropping landscapes are spread across the nation, in addition to amazing cities with distinctly different histories and traditions.

Thrilling adventures are at your fingertips in beautiful locations like Jasper National Park. Spring and summer are the best times to visit Canada for extraordinary wildlife encounters. Pacific Coast hotspots such as lovely Vancouver Island are famed for whale watching, while 5,000 kilometers east on the Atlantic Coast is where you’ll find sleepy fishing towns which seem frozen in time. You could also book a winter break to enjoy miles of powdery snow and exhilarating winter sports in Whistler

Canada may have a reputation as an adventure holiday destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit for cultural getaways, too. Quebec City and Montreal are the best places to experience the country’s intriguing French heritage, whether that’s mouth-watering cuisine like poutine or elegant European-inspired architecture. 

Alternatively, Dawson City on the shores of the Yukon River is an excellent spot to educate yourself about the Klondike Gold Rush. You could also ask our destination experts to put together an itinerary that lets you interact with the local indigenous communities across Canada and learn about their ancient ways of life. 

Orca watching- COVID-19 travel things to do in Canada
Watch orca’s play in the waters of Vancouver Island

Let your Enchanting Travels team of experts guide you as you plan COVID-19-safe travel to destinations that a little closer to home. 

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