Limp Bizkit officially release new single ‘Dad Vibes’

Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit have officially released their previously-teased single ‘Dad Vibes’ listen to it below.

It comes after the band played a recording of the new singleas an outro to their set at July’s Lollapalooza festival.

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At the festival, the band performed a set which saw frontman Fred Durst debuting a now-infamous ‘retro dad’ look.

‘Dad Vibes’ has now arrived alongside an official lyric video on YouTube, which centres around Durst and his new look.

Watch the video below:

The arrival of the new song comes after the band updated fans on their next album, announcing that new songs will arrive “in rapid succession, very soon”.

The band’s long-gestating follow-up to 2011’s ‘Gold Cobra’ has been known under the title of ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephants’, but it’s unclear if that is the new music Limp Bizkit are referring to in this update.

The band announced the title of the fabled album way back in 2012, and in the following years released the singles ‘Ready to Go’ and ‘Endless Slaughter’, which are all supposedly taken from the record.

In June, guitarist Wes Borland offered an update on the album, attributing many of the delays to Durst’s dissatisfaction with his vocals. “We’ve probably, in the last 10 years, been in the studio to try and complete the record, I wanna say, seven times, to different studios,” he said on Drinks With Johnny, the podcast of Avenged Sevenfold‘s Johnny Christ.

Last month, Limp Bizkit cancelled the remainder of their US tour over safety concerns. In a statement, the group said: “Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of the band, crew and most of all the fans, the Limp Bizkit show this Monday and the remaining August tour is being cancelled.

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