Kingston’s latest range of DDR4 FURY RAM kits has been unleashed

Memory masters Kingston are one of the brands that’s quietly been there for PC gamers over the decades. They may not be right up in our faces with GPUs and monitors, nor at our fingertips via keyboards and mice, but many of the best Kingston products hum beneath the surface of the most powerful gaming machines, providing swift storage in the form of SSDs and that all-important memory middle man of your PC, RAM.

RAM is vital to the smooth running of your PC and games – the more processes you have running, the more RAM you should have, and the faster it should be. Beyond the raw amount of RAM in gigabytes, you also want your RAM to be have high clock speeds (calculated in MHz) with low latency (calculated in CL timings). 

The latest Kingston FURY range of DDR4 RAM strikes that balance between speed, latency and price, channelling the company’s decades of experience into these beautifully designed wafers of memory. 

Here are the latest products in this exciting new range. Note that all the below are backed by Kingston’s trusty lifetime warranty, and designed to get the most out of Intel and AMD-based systems and CPUs.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR4

Kingston Fury Beast

(Image credit: Kingston)

Smoothly stream your playthroughs of the latest triple-A games without a hitch thanks to the Beast – a 3733MHz powerhouse designed for desktop PCs. The Beast takes advantage of both Intel’s XMP and AMD Ryzen-based overclocking solutions, which are the safest and speediest way to crank up those clock speeds to the next level.

  • Clock speed: 3733MHz
  • Latency: CL15-CL19
  • Module size: 4GB-32GB | Kit size: 8GB-128GB

Kingston FURY Impact DDR4

kingston fury impact

(Image credit: Kingston)

In this day and age, the idea of turning your laptop or notebook into a solid workstation-gaming-rig hybrid isn’t so unthinkable, especially when you can load it up with RAM like this. Kingston’s FURY Impact DDR4 SODIMM RAM is Ryzen and Intel-XMP-ready, pushing clock speeds up to an impressive 3200MHz.

Keeping things cool inside a laptop is critical, and the Impact takes that into consideration with its modest 1.2v power draw, ensuring no-noise, low-temperature performance.

  • Clock speed: 3200MHz
  • Latency: CL15, CL16, CL17, CL20
  • Module size: 8GB-32GB | Kit size: 8GB-64GB

Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4

Kingston Fury Renegade

(Image credit: Kingston)

The Renegade is for those that accept no compromises in memory performance, and want their PCs future-proofed until the end times. Boost those frame-rates, iron out that choppiness while broadcasting, and splice together the next viral video at a searing 5333MHz.

With the Renegade, you can do all the above at the same time and you still won’t notice any slowdown.

  • Clock speed: 5333MHz
  • Latency: CL12-CL20
  • Single module: 8GB-32GB | Kit size: 16GB-256GB

Which FURY will you unleash into your next PC? Whatever you go for, you should consider matching it up with one of the upcoming Kingston FURY SSDs. For more info on those, and all things Kingston, stay tuned on the Kingston site, or join the community across their social channels on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

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