Aladdin Star Offers Update On Live-Action Disney Sequel

Disney has increasingly been awarding the green light to sequels for live-action remakes of the studio’s animated classics, which is corporate synergy at its finest. Emma Stone’s Cruella de Vil will be returning for another adventure, Angelina Jolie’s third Maleficent already has a script and Barry Jenkins’ follow up to The Lion King is gathering a cast as we speak, but official news on another Aladdin has been hard to come by.

Guy Ritchie’s blockbuster earned over a billion dollars at the box office, even if reviews weren’t universally glowing. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Aladdin was that Will Smith’s Genie was arguably the best thing about it, despite all of the backlash and negativity during the buildup that described his big blue alter ego as the stuff of nightmares.

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