A Guide To Getting Married Abroad

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With destination weddings growing more popular, we have put together some details on the essentials that you need to get married abroad. 

Firstly, we are looking at the formalities of what paperwork is needed. Different countries have alternative requirements, so it’s worth doing some research on specific destinations. But the common conditions are as follows: 

  • Valid 10-year passport with at least six months remaining on it
  • Full birth certificates
  • Deed poll proof of any name change
  • Decree absolute, if married
  • Marriage and death certificates of a deceased spouse, if widowed
  • Adoption certificate, if adopted 

All the above need to be original documents and not copied. In addition, you can use the handy GOV tool to find out what is required in different locations: Here

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According to TUI, The most popular destinations for tieing the knot abroad are Italy, Iceland, Cyprus, Lanzarote, and LA. On average, the cost of weddings in the UK has been released at 30k. However, an abroad wedding costs around £7,500.00 on average.

Therefore getting married abroad works out a lot cheaper! However, some more popular areas, such as Venice and Florence, have the tourist price tag alongside! Alternative hidden towns can keep the cost down and have stunning outlooks.

Planning Your Abroad Wedding

There’s a lot to consider for any wedding. However, some details need more planning, such as “How do I pack my wedding dress in a suitcase?” If you are tying the knot in a hot destination, it may be better to go for a lightweight dress. It’s worth speaking to your dress designer for any hints and tips. But also the airline – as options, such as travelling with the dress in a hanging cover, may be available.

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In addition, it’s also worth noting visiting your destination location at least a couple of times before the wedding is highly recommended. Getting familiar with the local area and test running food, hair and makeup.

The Wedding Rings

Some clients prefer to not take bulky ring boxes with them, so our slimline pocket boxes are perfect for transporting wedding rings abroad. Just request them upon ordering, and we will ensure your rings arrive with our handy pocket boxes. View our full wedding ring range.

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Help! My Wedding Ring is too tight 

Clients have contacted us in the past after getting married in a hot country to say the ring is too tight. However, this is to be expected as our fingers expand with heat; therefore the rings may feel uncomfortable. As we don’t experience the same temperatures in the UK as often seen abroad, it may be a case that the ring is a perfect fit. Moreover, this is why we recommend getting your wedding rings arranged as early as possible, as any sizing adjustments can be arranged in advance of travelling abroad.

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