You Have the Power to Make a Difference for Nature

The personal stories and memories that Nature Canada members share about their love of nature always put a smile on my face. Thank you! It truly is such a delight to read and hear about the many ways our members and supporters have come to appreciate, respect and love nature:  

Whether it was their mother or father, a special teacher, professor or Guide leader, teaching them about the flowers, birds, sights and sounds of nature. 

Or by watching, reading and learning from others like Rachel Carson, Sir David Attenborough, Dr. David Suzuki, their local naturalist club or teachings from Indigenous peoples, it reminds me that there are many different paths that can lead people to care about nature and want to defend it. 

Legacy Will Giving, image of woman walking downstairs overlooking lake

Growing up on a farm, hiking or canoe trips in the summer, spending time in the backyard garden or nature walks in the nearby green space are just a few of the wonderful stories members share with us. Here are a few quotes that were inspiring and uplifting:

I was raised to respect nature, be curious, watch and learn

My mom brought birds and nature into my heart and mind

“My father taught me to walk gently on the earth and to be aware and sensitive”

Nature will provide if respected and cherished

We all have the power to make a difference to protect and restore nature more than you might realize when you leave a special gift in your Will. Leaving even a small portion to charities like Nature Canada can result in a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible, while still supporting those you love. In short, you can do both!

Nature Canada is a partner in Will Power, a national campaign launched earlier this month to show Canadians the power they have to do more with their Will.  You may be surprised to see that even 1% left in your Will can have an enormous impact for nature, while still leaving 99% of your estate for loved ones. You can try the free, simple and easy-to-use legacy calculator on our Will Power page to see what you can do with your Will.

And if you have a spare moment, I’d love to hear your personal story. Drop me a note or call me and let me know what drives your giving to nature and about the change you are hoping to make in the world for a better future.   

If you have questions about Nature Canada campaigns and efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact me by calling me on my direct line at 1-800-267-4088 ext 239. I’m here to help.

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