‘Why film it?’ UFC star Conor McGregor splits opinion after showing himself getting shoeshine in Miami (VIDEO)

Polarizing UFC superstar Conor McGregor has divided opinion on social media yet again. Out in Miami, where he received the ‘Key to the City’, the star also uploaded a photo and video of himself getting a shoeshine.

Continuing to recover from a leg break suffered in his last outing in the octagon – a first round doctor stoppage loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 – the Irishman has spent time in numerous big US destinations this year.

In Los Angeles over the summer, he headed to Chicago last week where his exploits throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley Field for a Cubs baseball game were widely mocked.

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Putting that episode behind him, the 33-year-old has ventured south to the Sunshine State of Florida and its largest metropolis of Miami, where he enjoyed quality family time in a nice restaurant for “Sunday dinner” while also showing off a luxury timepiece.

Yet it is the last two slides of the post shared with his 42 million followers on Instagram that have caused the biggest stir.

Posing for one photo of the act, the snap is followed by a video of McGregor dressed up to the nines with a cane and receiving a shoe shine from a man on the streets of the Magic City.

© Instagram @thenotoriousmma

© Instagram @thenotoriousmma

The clips prompted uproar in some quarters, with observers accusing McGregor of unnecessarily uploading the clip. 

“An embarrassing video – wrong in so many ways,” balked one critic. 

“That video is disrespectful. How are there still people cleaning shoes? And especially in America,” claimed someone else.

“Something so Victorian about that. Why film it?” another party asked, and said McGregor was akin to “the guy that won the lottery and can’t keep it classy or quiet.”

Another comment from that line of thought came in the form of: “Hurry, record me giving money to someone so it looks like I’m a good person.” 

Not everyone was so up in arms, however, pointing to the fact that McGregor “made the shoeshiner’s night” with his $100 offering. 

“A good family outing filling up the bellies followed by a polished shoe shine with a grateful tip. That’s first class,” claimed one supporter.

“I was never a Conor fan but what he did is acceptable, paying money for people’s service is just normal,” started off one unoffended individual.

“Why are you all saying it’s disrespectful? It’s that man’s job and [there’s] nothing wrong with that. If he recorded while he ordered food and there was a waiter and he tipped $100, you wouldn’t all be saying that. And that man is fine when seeing the camera.”

“If this guy was white you wouldn’t raise so much of a stink about it,” it was said to the naysayers.

Yesterday, McGregor took to the same platform to post a photo of mayor Francis Suarez giving him freedom to his Latino-dominated hub.

“The Mac with The Key to The City of Miami!” began his caption.

“Thank you Mayor Suarez for bestowing this great honor upon me and with my family present to witness. A very proud moment for me in my life.

“Thank you! Your hospitality and care for my family and team will be forever remembered. God Bless you and this great city! May the spirit of Miami live within us all,” McGregor finished. 

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Conor McGregor defended his woeful pitch by dragging in Messi and Ronaldo. © Instagram @thenotoriousmma / AP / Reuters
Ridiculed Conor McGregor launches into bizarre rant about ‘smoking Messi & Ronaldo’ as he attempts to defend ‘worst pitch ever’

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