WATCH: Pitch-invading dog shows pedigree by NUTMEGGING player in Bosnian league

We’ve seen all manner of pitch invasions over the years but the recent such one in the Bosnian league left viewers to paws for thought after a dog showed his pedigree on the pitch by nutmegging one of the players.

Footage of the incident which occurred during a recent match between has since gone viral and shows the hound forcing a stoppage in the game when it ran onto the pitch, prompting several of the players to attempt to retrieve the match ball. 

The dog, though, appeared more interested in an impromptu game of ‘fetch’ – and even ‘nutmegged’ one of the players before being dragged off.

The black dog’s cameo in the match was a brief one but his performance had all the skills one might expect of the likes of a Paul Pugba or a Terrier Henry – and certainly left at least one of the confused players red-faced after the cheeky nutmeg.

The canine couldn’t inspire either Sloboda or Posuje to victory however, as the score between the two Bosnian rivals finished one apiece when the full time whistle was blown.

But as quite a few football fans noted online, the unnamed pooch could well have a future for himself in the game after his debut seemed like little more than a walk in the park.

Which Premier League team will get to sign that four-legged striker in the January window?” wondered one fan in response to the footage.

Can we swap this dog for [Anthony] Martial? Better hunger, runs after the ball, shows passion… give the dog the weekly salary!” joked a Manchester United supporter, while a third said that the hound “could add a bit of bite to your midfield.”

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