US fight against Nord Stream 2 is part of proxy war against Russia in Washington’s attempt to hold on to power – analyst

Construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was completed a week ago. However, the US continues to pressure its European allies to delay the project’s certification.

RT DE talked to Folker Hellmeyer, chief analyst at Solvecon Invest GmbH, to discuss the importance of the pipeline supplying Germany with Russian natural gas, and explore why the energy project became political.

“The US turned economic policy into a political issue, although this economic project has nothing to do with politics. For me, as a German citizen, it is irritating that US law is apparently applied extra-territorially,” the economist said.

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Hellmeyer says he was glad that construction works were completed with Berlin being able to resist the pressure and ignore unacceptable demands from Washington.

“Confusing is the fact that some European nations, which we are tied with the EU and the Eurozone, have taken the US stance concerning the issue,” he said, stressing that this narrative raises many questions.

The analyst added that the major goal of the project is provide diversification of gas supplies, as the reserves of the UK, Norway, and the Netherlands are dwindling.

“This is not about Germany’s egocentrism; the responsible approach of Germany and Europe as a whole is towards the future of bilateral relations with Russia, which are of great importance,” Hellmeyer said.

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According to the expert, Washington just cannot accept the idea of a multipolar world, with Russia with its resources and China with its Belt and Road initiative turning into strong rivals.

“Imagine that Europe is developing together with Russia and the Euro-Asian space. It would be a success story that would ultimately lead to power sharing in the view of the US,” he said.

“That is crucial for the US in this proxy war, including the fight against the North Stream 2 project,” Hellmeyer concluded.

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