‘Trigger Warning: Time’

Everything happens in time
but Time still sometimes
wants a body

a stalk like an asparagus
a golden eye
that opens slow and misty

maybe a scar or two
to prove its memories

the mirror of a quiet pool
or nakedness before another

Time dreams a trunk
and leaves and branches 

reaches down beneath the dark
for some kind of hold 

Before this world started
Time drank heavily
of empty and of dark

It gladdened Time’s heart
when first it came upon
starshine on the waters

and found things watchful 
to observe its changes
and keep it company
until they had to go

Its favorite travel spot so far
is right here in the Holocene

It likes the insects
and going to the movies 

The bad news is
even Time feels
it’s moving faster now

What can be next

when the whole show
becomes a window
closing too fast
for Time’s taste 

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