‘This is stupid’: Fans stunned as Lyon star Paqueta receives yellow card after ‘showboating’ (VIDEO)

Football fans have reacted with outrage to the state of the modern game after Lyon star Lucas Paqueta received a yellow card after showboating when attempting a harmless rainbow flick in Ligue 1 on Wednesday night.

The incident occurred during Olympique Lyonnais’ 3-1 win over Troyes.

After Paqueta scored in the 87th minute, the tie was done and dusted deep into stoppage time.

Attempting to kill it off near the corner flag, the Brazil international attempted a rainbow flick which didn’t quite come off, instead hitting a Troyes man who squared up to the 24-year-old.

Claiming handball and trotting away unfazed, Paqueta got into position to receive the resulting throw in.

Referee Stephanie Frappart strolled over to him uttered some words at the Flamengo academy product, who then headed closer to the touchline into space.

Huddled with some Troyes players, Frappart then got out her yellow card and showed it to the perplexed number 10, who shrugged the disciplinary action off in disbelief. 

On social media, Brazilian football fans lamented the caution, claiming their players’ creative instincts were being ‘suppressed’. 

“European clubs have suppressed our players’ style and identity for years. Now even the refs are doing it,” remarked one well-followed account that shared footage now seen by over a million people.

“This is stupid, what is the offence?” someone else asked.

They received the explanation that Paqueta had ignored the referee when she tried talking to him, which perhaps facilitated the yellow card, but a separate party noted that Selecao colleague Neymar was also reprimanded for a similar exhibition of skill when starring for PSG against Montpellier in the French top flight.

“People let this happen and yet wonder why modern football is so robotic.

“Sometimes I wonder how people enjoy football these days,” was another conclusion.

“European teams started to get scared of Brazil and its players. Hence carding players for dribbling. The only explanation I can give….embarrassing,” remarked a separate outraged party.

“The same people will then complain that the Brazilian flair and feel for the fame ‘is gone’,” was another good point raised.

But Paqueta chose not to address the matter on Instagram or Twitter post-match.

On the latter format, he merely retweeted his impressive heat map during the win that one stats page produced, as well as an official club post of fans singing his name at the Groupama Stadium.

On Instagram, he shared a photo of him tucking his effort away and wrote, “One more goal. Glory to God for everything” alongside a closed hands praying emoji.

But even if Paqueta wouldn’t, Neymar took to the same platform later on Tuesday afternoon to voice his concern at the worrying development. 

“It’s very sad this episode, taking a yellow because of a dribble,” he began.

“The wheelbarrow,” as the rainbow flick is known in Brazil, “is a resource, no matter where or what minute it is.”

“Last year it happened to me! This year with Lucas Paqueta.”

“Honestly I don’t understand the reason!!! The famous ‘beautiful game’ is ending. Enjoy it while it lasts or fight for it to come back,” he demanded.

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