RiMS Racing Review

RiMS Racing replicates the experience of racing on a motorcycle. Together with the game’s tough bike riding mechanics and bike customization, RiMS Racing aims at providing a very realistic and fluid gameplay for players to indulge in. Whether you are an inexperienced player or a hardcore biker, there are settings that can assist the laid back gamers who want to play for fun. Turning off the settings that assist the driver creates a more challenging and unique way of playing for those who are more experienced with how bikes function. These settings can be tweaked to fit the player’s needs and playstyle.

First and foremost it is very important to shed light on the bike customization RiMS Racing has to offer. The game did a magnificent job when it comes to this aspect. Motorbike enthusiasts can spend up to hours upgrading and unlocking new bikes through by playing the main story line. There are only 8 bikes, but the room for customization allows the player to create and tune their bikes in several ways that allow the bike to function and drive differently.

The career mode is where most players will earn the necessary credit used to upgrade and buy bikes. The career missions range on a wide scale of different missions and challenge to avoid repetitiveness within the the game. This endorses the player to collect and spoil himself or herself with upgrade goodies.

RiMS Racing does not excel when it comes to gameplay; however, credit should be given for the effort and hard work that was put into the game. It is not all that bad, but if more effort was put into refining some render issues and enhancing the game’s graphics such as the generic weather effects and monotonic visuals would be a plus. Reworking such details will enable the game to compete with other motorbike games in the market which surpass RiMS Racing in that aspect.

Overall, RiMS Racing is a spectacular bike racing game despite some minor problems. The game does a fantastic job to fill in time and enjoy some casual bike riding gaming sessions; however, bike enthusiasts might view the problems as limitations to fully experience a hands on bike racing simulation game. RiMS Racing peaks with its customization system which allows one to customize their bikes at a very micro level. For example, if we were to customize the brakes, one can change the calibers, disks, pads, fluids, cables, and much more.

It would be nice to see additional content and updates that keep refining the mechanics, enhance the already amazing bike customization system, and add additional bikes and game modes.

GameRev was provided with a digital download code for the purpose of this review.

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