Ridiculed Conor McGregor launches into bizarre rant about ‘smoking Messi & Ronaldo’ as he attempts to defend ‘worst pitch ever’

MMA superstar Conor McGregor has launched into a social media rant after his ‘worst pitch ever’ at a baseball game, bizarrely taking aim at the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Roger Federer.

The Irishman has been the talk of the internet since his escapades at the iconic Wrigley Stadium.

Taking part in the ceremonial pitch before the first inning of a clash between the Chicago Cubs and the visiting Minnesota Twins, the former two-weight UFC champion sent his throw horribly wide of catcher Patrick Wisdom.

Immediately mocked online, there were also questions as to who threw out the worst pitch ever between Mystic Mac and rapper 50 Cent, who once embarrassed himself at a 2014 New York Mets vs Pittsburgh Pirates fixture at Citi Field in his home borough of Queens.

Most likely having his notifications ping all day long, McGregor caught wind of the comparison and took to Instagram to address the matter in a bizarre rant. 

Sharing a photo of the pair lamely attempting to throw heat, McGregor started by blasting “the audacity to compare mine with this p*ss!”

“Picture to picture alone buries this,” he went on. “Mine, bar the accuracy, was the most powerful and fastest first pitch of any of these other athletes/ artists over the years. No comparison.”

“Smoke them up and down that Forbes I do,” he said, switching topics to his recent topping of the finance magazine’s Rich List for athletes.

“Get Messi over. Smoked. Cris [Cristiano Ronaldo]. Smoked. [Roger] Federer. Doubled. All-time Most Power!”

“Put me in the Wrigley Hall of Fame for that rocket launch,” he demanded.

“Beside some of that nice red brick. Mahogany Oak Frame. Wimbledon lines in the grass. The great Wrigley Field reminds me of the grounds on my land in Ireland. Impeccable,” McGregor bragged.

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“Anyway, back to pitch…,” McGregor continued.

“Venom. Composure. Balance! The gold bar of Patek almost came flying off me it was that fast and powerful,” he said of his watch, before outlining that he’d take the “rare” luxury item back for adjusting if it wasn’t “discontinued”.

“I bought [it] for 80k in Weir’s jeweler of Ireland, and today it is worth close to 500k. And going up. Fifty has a nice hublot too,” McGregor conceded, of Jackson’s own timepiece in the Mets shame still.

“Big Bang. Small bucks, 50cent. One has power. One is the director of media relations for some show called Power.

“You know what it is. The Mac in Chicago!” he signed off.

McGregor continued that last theme by sharing a short clip of him getting out of a vehicle in the Windy City and waving to a crowd. 

“Wrigleyville, Chicago. Incredible,” he wrote, alongside a shamrock.

Over on Twitter, McGregor continued his rampage by attacking underground rapper and food travel show star Action Bronson.

Interviewed by pundit Ariel Helwani, the fight fan remarked, “He could probably throw the ball better than that. That’s f*cking staged,” which McGregor didn’t like at all.

“Two little slap heads,” began his reply to a post sharing part of the chat.

“I bounced the ball off that back red brick wall like it was a game of squash I was playing. You’d bobble the thing home from halfway out.”

“Nobody even reaches the wall and I marked it. I was going in the back way. Behind them, ambush. Mac thru the back,” the 33-year-old concluded.

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