Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: We Will Not Bend, We Will Not Break

Undeniably, America’s economy, once great under President Trump, is in trouble
Undeniably, America’s economy, once great under President Trump, is in trouble File photo: Trevor Bexon, Shutter Stock, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI – It has begun. There is nothing that can stop the truth from coming out. Critical mass has been reached. And the ending will not be for everyone.

Now, let’s peel back the layers of the onion that have recently taken place in this worldwide war of Almighty God versus Satan… beginning with the disaster after disaster that has been the entire several months of Joe Biden’s faux Presidency.

France, this Country’s oldest ally, is furious with us. The stock market is sliding. Biden has left Afghanistan in one large, ruinous heap—with many Americans and innocent Afghans left behind in terror, fighting for their very survival.  Not to mention Britain’s holding Biden in contempt for his actions in Afghanistan.

North Korea has now shot off a missile, after years of abiding by Trump’s agreement with them. China is spouting off in the South China Sea, once again claiming hegemony in that territory—and as always taking every opportunity to try to ridicule America and make it look foolish. Not that this administration isn’t doing a good job of kicking itself in the pants at every opportunity. Which also brings to mind the fact that Iran is now on the cusp of going nuclear, thanks to the mega dollars pumped into their terrorist government by the weak and ineffectual Biden administration.

Back at home, the border crisis reached a boiling point months ago, whilst Biden and Harris vacillate between taking vacations and trying to divert the people’s attention from all of the mayhem that abounds. Even the Democratic media is criticizing Biden on a daily basis—although they still endeavor to try to find any good slant on what has become a train wreck in terms of his mismanagement.

We also see that many food distributors are having trouble keeping shelves stocked, so the cost of food will result in a price shock to all of us very soon. The culprit behind this debacle? Biden’s catastrophic stimulus checks and universal basic income, both of which have unleashed havoc on the U. S. job market and led to historic labor shortages.

Undeniably, America’s economy, once great under President Trump, is in trouble. Meantime, the Democrats are doing what they always do, which is trying to push a tax bill that will make everyone’s taxes increase even more.  Never underestimate their ability to make a crisis much/much worse, and in record timing at that!

Meantime, Pelosi is trying to blame capitalism for the current economic woes. But we all know that the problem is not capitalism at all.  Rather, it is the corrupt Central Banking System.  And the Democrats, who are being run by the worldwide elite Global Cabal/Deep State, do not want the people to see what is coming.

The Central Bank administrators are trying to keep the economic system together—but it is quickly falling apart. They, along with Joe Biden—whose puppet strings are no doubt being pulled by Obama, who also answers to the Deep State—want the Fed Note destroyed so that they can move the people of the world into their new E-SDR/digital currency, which the International Monetary Fund will control.  This is yet another situation that Trump warned us about.

Small businesses will be hit hard, but this is all just a part of the Global Cabal’s ‘Great Reset Plan.’ We also see that inflation is coming, and that the Central Bank and Democrats are now panicking as a result, since they know that if the debt ceiling is not raised, the economy will get even worse. We have indeed borrowed ourselves into oblivion, and one of our key note-holders is of course China, our arch enemy. Hence, the bowing that we’ve seen toward this Communist country by America’s major corporations, academia, and news outlets.

Yes, the Federal Reserve is now trapped, as no matter which way they turn, it will end in a disaster. The government will not be able to pay for the debt, including the entitlement programs, etc. The only way forward is a ‘people’s currency, controlled by We the People’—and the scuttle is that Trump and his Military have been working on just that, in the form of something called a ‘Quantum Financial System.’

The fact of the matter, plain and simple, is that we are in a full blown information war, with the patriots on the offensive and the Global Cabal/Deep State on the defensive. The media in this country, along with many in politics and major corporations and academia, have hijacked the news message that is put out there for all to see. This happened decades ago, but has gotten progressively worse in the past decade.

Right now, however, front and center as the main event, is the election fraud. Keep your eyes on that, no matter what distractions the Deep State throws out there. As we get closer and closer to the forensic audit results in Arizona being released, we will see more draconian measures to keep the news cycle clogged—as those in the corrupt media talk about anything and everything apart from these results.

The Arizona forensic audit is scheduled to be released on September 24th, and the Deep State is going into panic mode. Some believe that they will even try to push riots and perhaps a communication blackout to stop this information from being exposed. The Patriots, however, know their playbook, and anything of this sort will be immediately cleaned up.

Now, the Deep State also is shutting down communication on the major social media platforms. We see the deep censorship, aimed at any comments voiced by conservatives who go against the far left’s dark agenda. This is because the black hats know the truth, and will do anything to stop it from being revealed. Nevertheless, those who are following both the Arizona forensic audit and those taking place in other states believe that the results will show massive fraud—at which point the elections involved will be decertified. It’s only a matter of time.

Remember that the object is to remove certified votes from the 270 electoral votes for Biden, as there is alleged to have been substantial fraud, even on the ballot down-ticket items.

Another situation to pay attention to is how the black hats are trying desperately to make Trump look unhinged—as we saw with their recent pushing of a narrative involving Trump’s supposed unstable attitude with regard to China when he was in office.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as Trump reversed course on this country’s past philosophy on wars—even getting the crazed Kim Jong Un to back down, much to everyone’s surprise and delight. Nevertheless, the Deep State is building the narrative that Trump was close to using nuclear weapons. No doubt, there is a reason for this. Perhaps they fear a Trump return, should the election fraud be proven—and then the rightful President being seated?

Meantime, the Great Reset and Green New Deal being pushed by the nasties are not going well. We saw that Biden recently held a climate forum, and many of the residents around the world did not even bother to attend. There is absolutely zero respect for Biden and whomever is running the show behind the scenes.

On another very interesting and developing front, John Durham has now released the first indictment in his investigation. And those who understand ‘legalize’ are saying that Durham’s strategy appears to be quite set in getting to the very bottom of the black hats’ plan several years ago to remove Trump from office by any means necessary.

Indeed, Durham is not plucking off a few of the higher ups, and calling it a day. The direction that he is taking seems quite evident and quite lethal.  Durham is starting at the bottom, with the low hanging fruit. The lawyer indicted by Durham, along with the lawyer’s firm, was involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Durham appears to be tying this man to a massive effort by Clinton to dig up false dirt on Trump to discredit him, which will no doubt lead to the evil strategy behind the Mueller investigation and other fabricated efforts toward Trump’s removal as President.

At this point, the Deep State has become the hunted, and Durham is on the prowl. Naturally, the soulless media are anxiously in the process of trying to spin the story that Durham did not find anything of importance—that this will lead to a big ‘nothingburger.’ But that will not work this time.  Durham has a reputation as a bulldog, and that moniker is well earned, according to those who know him well.

Trump Aide Dan Scavino recently sent a message indicating that the Military are on their way to help. Actually, Scavino has been sending message after message, warning the people to buckle up, saying that it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Scavino also has been putting out very inspirational Telegram missives on Trump’s supposed return to office soon.  One of the messages read “Better start believing that President Trump is coming back. Those who don’t believe, don’t understand what road he is taking to bring America back to the people!” And yet another memo read “Things may seem crazy right now, but that is only because the truth is coming out and the people are waking up. They are cracking down on us only because they know their time is short.” This latter message was alongside a very serious-looking photo of President Trump.

Nevertheless, the elite Cabal continues to wage its desperate attempts at throwing false flags onto the scene, trying to divert attention.  Consider their pathetic and failed protest event recently staged in Washington, D. C. Nobody showed up. In truth, there were more reporters, FBI agents, and police there than there were conservatives!

Truly, it does look like the globalist elites have completely lost touch with reality. And their policies only make matters worse. As mentioned earlier, our economy is not at all what it was under Trump. Moreover, their Covid narrative, which is being used to gain more and more control over We the People, is failing.

Additionally, the federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice all have been exposed for corruption. Yes, there are good players in these organizations, but many of those who run the agencies have sold their souls to China and the worldwide Cabal.

The media is scrambling, as well, as no one holds them in any type of esteem anymore. They have cried ‘Wolf!’ too many times, and thus have been shown to be a group of pathetic windbags.

Indeed, so much filth and evil has been exposed by Trump stepping aside in January. It had to be done this way, to wake up the people of this country. But at this point in time, it now it appears that many have seen just how deeply the powerful Global Cabal has taken over America—and the entire world. A tipping point has perhaps been reached.

Make no mistake about it:  the Military is the only way forward. Those close to Trump who have some of the inside scoop—such as Attorney Lin Wood, Attorney Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn, and Lt. General Tom McInerney—all mirror what President Trump has said from the beginning. And that is that the white hats caught them all, and have it all on tape.  A trap was set, and the Deep State fell right into it.

At some point, the ‘Trump card’ will be played. Consider some of Trump’s inspirational Telegram messages of late, such as “LOVE THAT CALM BEFORE THE STORM!!!”  And then there was a picture of Trump playing the game ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ with the puzzle on the board reading ‘ST__LL Y__R PR_S_D_NT.’ Doesn’t get any better than that!

And his wonderful wife, ever loyal and at his side in this fight on good versus evil, posted the following exciting message on Telegram: “Patriots, it’s about time!  The clock is ticking and President Trump is ready to return.” This was alongside a photo of President Trump checking his watch….

We also saw a very encouraging dispatch from General Flynn on Telegram: “The White Hats are doing everything in their God given power to take down a 1,000 years of human abuse and decades of financial abuse. It’s not an easy task.  AND they are doing everything to prevent a ‘next time.’ Thank you White Hats and Military for your courageous, valiant efforts. We may never get to see your face or shake your hand, yet you are saving our children and Humanity.”

General Flynn also posted: “Things aren’t always clear, but you need to TRUST THE PLAN!” This was in conjunction with a photo of our magnificent President Trump. This mighty and well-revered general would not be posting things that are not true. We need to stay steady, confident in these God-fearing Patriots—but mostly in God, whose justice will come at some point, as it always does. And in His timing!

We who remain on earth until the imminent Rapture of all Believers in Christ—Believers that Jesus is the Son of God, who died for our sins and rose again—remain steadfast in the knowledge that good will overcome evil in the end.

Right now, however, there is a covert war going on between the Deep State globalists and our own American Military—the latter of which is comprised, according to reliable sources, of about 800 generals, commanders, and other military and patriotic personnel who have sworn allegiance to the United States Constitution, to making sure that the rightful President is in place.

This covert war is about to spill over into the streets for all to see. The Global Cabal/Deep State thought that they had it all—including the United States of America all rolled up in one. But the Patriots have God on their side. And the final result will be God’s choice…make no mistake about it! Will He forestall the inevitable one-world government, economy, and religion that was foretold in Scripture? Only Almighty God has the answer to that.

Which brings us to the question on what we Believers are to do with all of this information. The world has descended into lawlessness and chaos, almost overnight. But we who follow the Bible knew that this would happen.  And we also knew from prophecy that the evildoers would try frantically to get Believers in Christ to conform to the things of the world, to their sinful philosophies and behaviors.

Jude 17-21 provides the answer on how we are to address this difficult situation. We are to remember the words of the apostles of Jesus, in terms of how they told us that there would be mockers in the latter days who would walk via their ungodly lusts. These verses in Jude also tell us that these mockers will cause division, as they don’t have ‘the Spirit.’  And these verses also say that we are to maintain our life with God, build ourselves up in faith, and pray in the Holy Spirit—and we are to keep ourselves in the love of God, looking for Christ’s mercy unto eternal life.

Jude 22-23 follows up on the preceding verses, telling us how to follow the directives in those verses. We are to have compassion on some of the mockers, thus making a distinction—but then to save others with fear. This means being wise, and observing who we are talking to—and it means that on some, we will have compassion, but on others, we need to figuratively ‘hit them alongside the head with a two-by-four.’

Not physically, of course, but mentally and emotionally, trying to wake them up. We must tell them that they had better get their act together, as there is a Hell—and it lasts for a very long/long time.

And that is how we are to handle these wicked and immoral followers, either wittingly or unwittingly, of Satan. We see power, fear, and money on the one hand—and on the other side faith, hope, and love. We Believers are caught in the middle of that, while we remain here on earth for but a short while. But we will not focus upon this evil world, and will not bend or break to pieces as a result.

Colossians 3:1 tells us that if we are born again, we are to seek those things that are above, where our Lord is. And that is where our eager focus lies. We are to be looking for the Rapture of the Church, the blessed hope. We are not to cling to or grasp this world, not to focus upon catering to it.

We are to center our attention upon the New Jerusalem to come. And with all that has transpired, all that now points to the fact that we are in the ‘last of the last days,’ we are eager to follow this directive.

Truly, if we but lean our gaze and our ear toward the east, toward Jerusalem, we can almost hear the clarion call of our sweet Lord from afar…as we picture that glorious Rapture that is on the horizon…that lifting-up of our family and our fellow Saints into the clouds…ever to be with our Eternal King, face to face at last.  Come, Lord Jesus!!

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