‘How about that for a message?’ Fans in hysterics after Fury reacts to ‘p****’ Wilder by promising to ‘smash your f*cking face in’

Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder told opponent Tyson Fury that his “life depends” on training hard for their fight next month – only for his video threat to be volleyed back in hilarious style by the giant Brit prankster.

Deluded Wilder has repeatedly warned Fury about the threat he poses in their trilogy fight – despite the fact that the ‘Gypsy King’ has far more to brag about after hammering him in a brutal seven-round victory when they met in February 2020.

The American is desperate to regain his title from the unbeaten Mancunian, and his macabre messages to unbeaten Fury have increasingly appeared to be an exercise in convincing himself that he is the more dangerous fighter.

“I’m going to be short, sweet and simple,” the ‘Bronze Bomber’ said in his latest announcement, sitting down to address the camera ahead of the bout on October 9.

Warning: video contains swearing

“This fight right here, you’d better be preparing for. You’d better train your butt off as if your life depends on it – because your life depends on it.”

Fury provided a head-on message to the camera of his own as he sat by the ropes on a boxing ring.

“I’m going to smash your f*cking face in, you pr*ck,” he solemnly declared, looking irritated rather than remotely alarmed by Wilder’s warning. “How about that for a f*cking message?”

Observers making a case for huge underdog Wilder to win believe that Fury’s greatest enemy could be complacency after a comprehensive victory in the previous fight in which he knocked his rival down seemingly at will and even appeared to lick blood from his battered torso at one point.

Wilder has produced a series of entertaining excuses for his bruising defeat, including a claim that his ringwalk costume was too heavy and accusations of glove-tampering and various other acts of skullduggery.

“You absolute legend,” one fan told Fury, laughing hysterically as they watched the video messages run one after the other. “Watched this back about nine times and creased.”

Notorious former Premier League hardman and Wales international Vinnie Jones told Fury: “Now that is a proper message. Well said, geezer.”

The man Fury had been due to face in one of the most lucrative fights of all time – fellow Brit Anthony Joshua – lost on points to Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday, dealing a further blow to the prospects of their scrap materializing after Wilder enforced a contract clause to ensure that Fury faced him first.

A 5/2 long shot for the third fight, Wilder knocked Fury down in their first encounter, which ended in a draw in December 2018.

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