On My Block Season 4 Trailer Reveals One Last Time Around the Block

The final season of On My Block is coming next month, so Netflix decided to drop a trailer to reveal what we can expect from one more season in the dangerous neighborhood of Freeridge. In the story, a group of teens sees their friendship tested as they navigate high school in a dangerous and unforgiving world. The fourth and final season of On My Block will premiere October 4 on Netflix.

The new season will pick up two years after Season 3, and the trailer reveals a glimpse into the issues Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri), Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco), Ruby Martinez (Jason Genao), Jamal Turner (Brett Gray), Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) and Oscar (Julio Macias) will have to face as a secret is unveiled in the final 10 episodes.

In the trailer, tensions get high as Monse tells Cesar she no longer needs protection and, instead, he should protect himself by going away from Freeridge. He, on the other side, says he’s destined to be a gang member, and it’s too late for him to leave. The consequences of this decision, we’ll only know when Season 4 premieres.

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What we do know is that we can expect more partying, heavy drinking, fighting and a gnome cutting onions – or at least that’s what Chivo (Emilio Rivera) says it’s the reason he’s crying.

On My Block hails from Lauren Iungerich, who serves as co-creator, executive producer, and showrunner, as well as co-creators and executive producers Eddie Gonzalez & Jeremy Haft. The final season of On My Block is set to premiere on Netflix on October 4. You can watch the trailer below:

You can read the official synopsis here:

On My Block is a coming of age comedy about a group of bright and street-savvy friends navigating their way through high-school in the rough inner city. Season 4 finds our friends two years later, having gone their separate ways. When a secret is unburied, they quickly learn you can’t run from the past and they will need to stick together to survive.

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