Christopher Nolan’s New Film; Defending Kenny G; The Penguin: The Series

Alanis Morissette speaks out in a new documentary; another new doc lets Kenny G shake off his haters; Paul Schrader praises digital film; the new Christopher Nolan film goes to Universal; A-bombs and the Penguin are having a moment. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

Alanis Morissette: The singer says in the new HBO doc Jagged, premiering today at the Toronto International Film Festival, that she was raped repeatedly as a 15-year-old — and that when she told people, no one did anything about it.

Defending Kenny G: Filmmaker Penny Lane has a knack for making sympathetic documentaries about reviled and seemingly irredeemable people — her last one was about Satanists. Her latest takes on someone even more divisive: Kenny G.

Schrader: Here’s Paul Schrader talking to MovieMaker managing editor Caleb Hammond about how shooting on digital film helped him retain full control over his (excellent) new film, The Card Counter. He also talks about a grouchy commentary track he once recorded, in which he was pretty tough on himself.

“He Speaks in Your Voice, American”: Ted Melfi, whose new film The Starling just premiered at Toronto, will adapt, direct and produce the 1997 Don DeLillo novel Underworld for Netflix, Deadline exclusively reports. Underworld is a hypnotically sprawling novel about baseball, the atomic bomb, waste, heroin, and America. I have no idea how one would adapt it and can’t wait to see.

A-Bombs, So Hot Right Now: Deadline also exclusively reports that Universal Pictures has won the right to finance and distribute the new film from Christopher Nolan, about J. Robert Oppenheimer and his work creating the atom bomb.

The Penguin: You can’t accuse Warner Bros. of leaving any IP unexploited: The Hollywood Reporter says HBO Max is exploring a Penguin series based on the version of the character who will appear in the upcoming Matt Reeves film The Batman. THR says Colin Farrell, who plays the crime lord (real name Oswald Cobblepot) in the film, has been approached about playing the role in the series but that no deal is in place. HBO Max is also working on a new Batgirl film and a series about the Gotham police force.

‘I Like Your Size’: A cool thing that happens when you search for “Kenny G” is that YouTube assumes you’re a huge fan and serves you videos like this one. (Also it is perfectly within bounds for a movie publication to share this because the “regulators — mount up!” is from Young Guns.) Enjoy!

Main image: Christopher Nolan directs John David Washington in Tenet.

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