Game Trailers: Sonic, Nightingale, Arc, Tchia

Last night’s Game Awards saw the premiere of dozens of trailers for titles on the way. So, following the ones highlighted earlier, the remainder has been split up into two sections.

This section deals with newly announced titles. Those include “Sonic Frontiers” which promises ‘high velocity open-zone freedom’ and seems to put the blue hedgehog in a ‘Breath of the Wild’ style arena. There’s also “Nightingale,” the new title from much of the ex-BioWare team.

“Silent Hill” creator Keiichiro Toyama’s new studio Bokeh Game Studio released that studio’s first look at horror title “Slitterhead,” while “Somerville” shows what the co-creator of “Limbo” and “Inside” has been up to.

Sonic Frontiers



Warhammer: Space Marine 2

Arc Raiders

Lost Ark




Thirsty Suitors

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