A Great Turnaround for Halo Infinite

When the first playtest of 343’s latest entry into the Halo franchise was unveiled, it received some mixed responses with uncertainty around whether or not the game was as polished as it needed to be and where the game could really fit in with other big games that were looking to be released at a similar time – combined with a sour taste in the mouths of many players who have been let down by recent launches plagued with bugs, log-in issues, and less than stellar gameplay. But Infinite came as a bit of a surprise, with a spur of the moment launch that surprised many players, it came with extremely polished game play and barely any technical issues – with esports thriving as it has been and growing still as pundits take advantage of sports interaction promo code options to get involved getting it right the first time has certainly helped the game.

(Image from gamerant.com)

The launch of the game saw nearly 300,000 players on release, and even now nearly a month later continues to peak at over 100,000 players per day which when compared to other recent releases like Battlefield 2042 which has been something of a disaster story – that isn’t to say there haven’t been any issues along the way with some connection bugs and issues as well as some specific performance issues – but overall it had been a pretty smooth launch and a nice surprise for players who’ve been waiting for a modern and competitive Halo title once again.

Other issues have started to rear their ugly head, however, most notably in space of cheaters – it was almost inevitable that cheaters would find their way into the game and with plenty of time for those developing these options to test them during the wider spread test periods throughout September and October, they’re currently running a bit rampant. The community manager, John Junyszek, has spoken out about this by clarifying that it is a problem with all free-to-play games and something that 343 would look to commit to changing in the future – but with no existing anti-cheat in place, and only the suggestion that something is in the works, it could be some time until this specific issue in the game is resolved.

Either way, at a time where good launches seem to be a growing rarity, Infinite has shown that a popular series from a big studio can find a neat little slot to fill with a very satisfying experience for most players – with the game being nearly a month old for players, there’s still a lot of exploration to be done to ensure it’s as smooth running as suggestions would make it seem, but it’s definitely a great turnaround from the initial looks.

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