‘American Dad!’ renewed for two more seasons

American Dad

American Dad! has been renewed for two more seasons, which will take the animated series through to the end of its 19th season.

The long-running show first began airing on Fox in 2005 until it was cancelled due to low ratings in 2014. It was then picked up by TBS, where it is still broadcast today.

The two new seasons were announced ahead of the premiere of season 17 on January 24, 2022. In a statement, Adrienne O’Riain and Sam Linsky, the co-heads of scripted programming at TBS, TNT and truTV, said: “American Dad! is reaching rarified air with 18th and 19th season pickups that only a handful of shows have ever accomplished; this speaks to the zeitgeisty humour that resonates with audiences, and to the dedication of its creators and brilliant TBS network executives.”

In addition to the new season renewals, producer Matt Weitzman and executive producer Brian Boyle have also signed new deals to continue in their roles.

American Dad
‘American Dad!’ CREDIT: TBS/YouTube

“We are all so grateful to TBS for this two-season pickup,” Weitzman said. “Getting seasons 18 and 19 means we will finally be able to tell the stories we only dreamed of telling in seasons 16 and 17. Much thanks also to everyone at 20th Television Animation for all their continued support of American Dad!‘s many years of corrupting our nation’s, nay, the world’s youth… most of whom are now about to turn 40.”

Boyle added: “We’re so happy TBS wants us to keep going! And this two-season pickup is emblematic of the efficiency TBS is known for – they work half, and we work double. Since we started our collaboration with TBS, they have let us take the show any direction we wish – undirected – because they are wise enough to value the free imaginations of the half-insane. At least to sell naked chicken chalupas or whatever.”

American Dad! was created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Weitzman and follows CIA agent Stan Smith and his family through their lives in Langley Falls, Virginia.

In 2020, the show featured an episode that was co-written by The Weeknd. The episode was entitled A Starboy Is Born and featured the star singing a new song called ‘I’m A Virgin’.

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