Local artists have the best merch for holiday gifting – check it out

You want to give the gift of local music. But maybe people on your list don’t have CD players or aren’t going to shows or love maple syrup a little more than music. No problem.

Here’s all the best, weirdest, most awesome merch from local(ish) artists. And yes, there’s rock ’n’ roll maple syrup in this gift guide!

Gene Dante’s ‘DL/UX’ on cassette

Still living with 1985 tech? Gene Dante has you covered. Just pop this $11 cassette of Dante’s new album into your Sony Walkman or the tape deck of your Dodge Caravan. Don’t have a Walkman or Caravan? Well, splurge on the $28 40-page glossy art and lyric book of “DL/UX” created by the Secret Bureau of Art & Design, which comes with the album on CD (vinyl editions arrive in 2022). Walkman, boombox or streaming through your phone, this album delivers all the glam rock, power pop, dark ballads and dirty disco you need this holiday season. genedante.com

‘Juno’ transcription book

A page from the transcription book of Lyle Brewer’s solo guitar album ‘Juno.’ (Photo Lylebrewermusic.com)

Lyle Brewer’s solo guitar album “Juno” came out of sobriety and snow. In 2015, during a winter of epic storms, the newly sober Brewer wrote a tune for every bit of inclement weather that rolled through Boston. It’s an amazing album and you can play it. Not play through speakers but actually play it on your guitar. This transcription book features standard notation and tablature, tempo markings, fingerings and a collection of wonderful illustrations. lylebrewermusic.com

Jittery Jack steam shave, beard trim or classic razor bald fade

North Shore native and rockabilly king Kevin ‘Jack’ Patey’s barber shop features a jukebox full of 45s. (Photo jacksbarbershack.com)

Shave and haircut, two big items on anybody’s holiday gift list, right? North Shore native and rockabilly king Kevin “Jack” Patey has a barber shop in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Why not gift somebody a clip from that man that knows a little something about rock ’n’ rock and great hair (see Elvis, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran)? While you’re there, punch in a tune on the jukebox full of 45s or go head-to-head with a pal on the vintage Slot Car Set. jacksbarbershack.com

Blood Lightning ashtray

Give the gift of love for the band Blood Lightning with this band ashtray. (Photo bloodlightning.bandcamp.com)

Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Blood Lightning is Boston’s latest supergroup (members of volume warriors Set Fire, Sam Black Church, Gozu and Worshipper make up the lineup). No better way to celebrate the band’s stoner metal meets fire rock (that’s a genre I just made up!) than with this $8 ashtray. Don’t smoke? Smart move. Store your guitar pics, random Canadian coins and keys in it. bloodlightning.bandcamp.com

Kid Gulliver’s maple syrup

Maple syrup from an indie rock band? Yes – the Vermont gold comes from trees on singer/guitarist Simone Berk’s property. (Photo Kidgulliver.com)

What, did you think the syrup thing was click bait and we’d never get to it? The sweetest little indie rock band on the scene adds even more sugar to your life. The legit Vermont gold comes from trees on singer/guitarist Simone Berk’s property. Pick up a pint for $15 or a quart for $30 at Kid Gulliver’s Dec. 17 gig at Somerville’s Crystal Ballroom. kidgulliver.com

‘Bedford Falls’ T-shirt

Show some love for ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with a ‘Bedford Falls’ T-shirt. (Photo Brattlefilm.org)

All your loved ones hate music. It’s a sad state but warm their hearts with this “It’s a Wonderful Life” T-shirt from your favorite non-profit art house theater, the Brattle. And remember each gift of art touches so many other lives. When art isn’t around it leaves an awful hole, doesn’t it? brattlefilm.org


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