Dan Taieb on Jancarthier Voyages and Travel During the Pandemic

Jancarthier Voyages is a family owned and operated travel agency based in Paris, servicing the globe.

Founded in 1963 by Dan’s grandfather, the agency has evolved from a small neighborhood operation to a € 100M a year agency operating in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, The Indian Ocean, and Oceana. While Jancarthier focuses on business travel, they also offer world-class and one-of-a-kind vacation experiences.

Jancarthier Voyages has been able to grow its brand, gaining trust and new business along the way, precisely because of its deep connection in the industry as a family-owned business. After Dan’s Grandfather started the company in 1963, Dan’s father, Phillipe, joined when he came of age in 1982. Dan himself has been around the business ever since he was born; as early as the young age of 4, Dan would spend afternoons at his father’s office after school and accompany him as he delivered airline tickets to clients before the invention of email. Dan officially joined the company as soon as he graduated school at the age of 18. Despite the family connection and early exposure, Phillipe wanted Dan to get his start from the ground up. Beginning as a courier, Dan quickly evolved into a top salesperson, and now, at the age of 28, is a branch manager, taking care of top clients’ portfolios as well as collaborating on new and exciting projects for the company. Following his family’s path, Dan is a part of the third generation of this company, completely ingrained in the travel industry.

Due to this strong familial connection, personal touch, and robust expertise, Taieb and the rest of Jancarthier Voyages are able to differentiate themselves from the competitors. Jancarthier employees have deep, intimate relationships with 100% of their clientele — not just the breadwinner, but everyone from the oldest member of a family to their children. Further, the Jancarthier’s team pairs older, more experienced travel agents awash in industry relationships with younger, more tech-savvy recent graduates in order to make sure they are accounting for every travel and hospitality opportunity out there.  Of course, all of Jancarthier’s employees regularly go on tours and visit the locations and hotels they work with in order to ensure the quality of what they are selling as well as experience it themselves. If the employees, or any clients, have a negative experience with a certain hotel or airline or hospitality experience then the company may blacklist those suppliers in order to keep their customers happy regardless of the margins.

Jancarthier’s personal understanding of their clients, commitment to quality, tried-and-true relationships, as well as new age, internet-enabled tactics allows the agency to holistically understand and best facilitate a perfectly curated travel experience. To this point, Jancarthier works with all airlines, tour operators, as well as with large and small hotels all over the world in order to make sure they understand the market and therefore provide the most tailor-made experience and service to their customers, from the lonesome traveler to the family to large corporate clients.

Now, as COVID-19 is changing the travel landscape, Taieb is adapting as well. The young travel entrepreneur has plans to expand a point of sale to Dubai, which has actually seen an increase in their hospitality business since the pandemic. Further, Taieb is working with Upclaim, a new legal technology that supports travelers with airlines disputes and is creating a ‘Tour Operator’ position in order to consolidate the group’s hotel purchases.

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Dan Taieb on Jancarthier Voyages and Travel During the Pandemic

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