HSK 3 Week 35: Words 471-475

Here are your worksheets for Week 35 of My HSK Dictionary 3.

Our words this week: 

(Click on each of the Chinese words below to take a look.)

年轻 – young

– bird

努力 – great effort/to strive

爬山 – climb a mountain/hike

盘子 – tray/plate/dish


In English, we can use ‘so’ to connect sentences. In Chinese, this is expressed using 那么 (nàme).

You can use the sentence pattern:

Situation, 那么 + Suggestion / Decision

For example,

你说这个办法不行,那你有别的办法吗? If you say this is not possible, do you have any other way?

My HSK Dictionary 3 Week 35

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