Children’s Guide to Tone Changes of “Yī 一” in Mandarin Chinese

Is your child reluctant to speak Chinese because of poor expression? Has your child ever been teased for inaccurate Chinese expressions? In Chinese, tone changes of words or characters are commonly seen, so if children do not learn those certain rules well, they are likely to make mistakes when they speak Chinese.

Normally, it’s difficult for non-native-Chinese-speaking children to naturally learn the tone change rules due to the lack of Chinese practicing environment. That’s why a teacher’s assistant will be of great help.

In today’s lesson, the teacher will teach your child the tone-changing rules of the Chinese character “ 一”.

Watch the video, and learn the pronunciation rules of the character “ 一” with your child. There are multiple examples of its different tones in the video, remember to practice them frequently with your child.

HSK 3 quiz

Have your children learned well how to pronounce “ 一” in its four tones? Let them try to read the words below!

(1) 星期一  (2) 一天  (3) 听一听

Listen to how the teacher reads them.

Don’t forget to send your child’s voice answers to us, the teacher will give your child one-on-one instructions and suggestions.

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HSK 1 quiz

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